Attack of the Earthlings Review – Strategically and Comically Entertaining

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Fend Off Those Vile Humans


Attack of the Earthlings brings a tactical turn based title to the sci-fi universe of space aliens and corrupt Earth corporations. Taking on the role of the alien species knownas Swarmers, you will defend your planet from the Earthling invaders, using the power of the Matriarch, and their many summoned grunts.

In the tactical-stealth game, players will finally have the chance to play as the alien species fighting against the human invaders. The corrupt, and dysfunctional, corporation known as – Galactoil – have landed on a dangerous alien base, and it’s up to the player to control a horde of Swarmers, and ingest every last invading Earthling. Attack of the Earthlings requires a keen sense of strategy, as well as the ability to utilize stealth, tactical movements and keeping your clan of Swarmers upgraded and powerfully enhanced.

You live on Planet X13 – home to the insectoid-like alien species known as Swarmers. Gaining strength through ingesting their foes, players will have tons of unique abilities at their disposal when fending off the invading energy corporation, Galactoil. With a turn based style of gameplay, players will make their way through maze like levels gobbling up the Galactoil employees whenever they cross their path. The strategic and rewarding gameplay mixed in with the comically absurd plot line, dialogue and corporate dysfunction provides an entertaining experience from developers, Team Junkfish.

Unique Stealth-Tactical Gameplay

The core gameplay, like any great turn base strategy title, takes players through a series of maps moving along in boardgame-like fashion. With a designated number of Action Points (AP), players will tactically move across the map completing various tasks and wiping out – or devouring – teams of Galactoil employees and security threats. Moving around walls, through rooms and sneaking through ventilation shafts is the most prominent method of finding your way around the space station, but there are plenty of combat strategies and abilities to be unlocked later in the game to help fend off your home planet.

The clumsy and bone-headed employees of the Galactoil energy corporation are often the punch-line throughout the story.

Throughout Attack of the Earthlings players control the Matriarch Swarmer – the leader pawn in this tactical defensive mission. If your Matriarch dies it’s game over, regardless of how many other grunts you’ve summoned are still living. Keeping these guys healthy is crucial, because not only are they your starting Swarmer, but they have a handful of useful skills and abilities that help tackle some of the more difficult sequences throughout the game.

Equip Your Swarmer Army with Powerful Abilities

Abilities like summoning in your own grunt helps add more of your own threats to the playing field, but upgrading these grunt tilts things in your favor completely. Biomass is collected after consuming fallen enemies or fellow Swarmers, and is spent on upgrading your grunts to give them powerful attacks and skills. Taking and dealing more damage, broadening your range of movement across the board, or using a distant range-attack to stay out of sight are some of the useful abilities found in grunt upgrades at your disposal when engaging in the many patrolling enemies across the map.

Moving spaces and other strategic based moves cost each player’s character AP, or Action Points with every turn.

Along with spending AP on moving through the spaces on the map, other tactics are available to dump valuable action points into. The Matriarch has a variety of differing skills compared to the grunts, such as mind control – which allows players to control a human enemy allowing free movement around any unsuspecting foes or, of course, spawning in more grunts at the cost of Biomass. However, every Swarmer character does have the option to trigger Group Attacks, which is an effective method of taking out stronger enemies with the help of multiple Swarmers at once. To initiate group attacks, players must have all Swarmers involved in range of the desired target with a clear path so none will enter the enemy’s vision cone.


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While the numerous skills that our defensive alien heroes are capable of accomplishing are useful in their own right, other skills can also be unlocked through earning precious mutagen. Completing secondary objectives, slaying enough Galactoil employees and completing missions within the target time all add to player’s mutagen meters. Spending this precious material helps upgrades to your army of grunts, giving a subtle depth of character development to the turn based action title.

Observing your enemies vision cones is important as they will alter colors when cautious and alerted, as well as gives players a good sense of where they can tread without being spotted.

Strategically maneuvering your way around the open maps, taking out the invading enemies and completing various tasks has never been this entertaining in terms of turn base stealth adventures. The twisted and jovial narration is enough alone to keep one entertained throughout their time with Attack of the Earthlings, but the consequential yet rewarding gameplay is the meat behind the enjoyment in Tema Junkfish’s latest release.

Final Grade

While the tactical gameplay that rests at the core of Attack of the Earthlings may not appeal to the broad audience of the gaming community, the simple approach to what seems like a complex play style is an admirable one. The purely entertaining character dialogue and brutal game design is thoroughly enjoyable, making for an excellent pick up for most tactical PC gamers.

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