Best Amazon Basics for the Nintendo Switch

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Amazon has a nice line of Basics for gamers. The company has now expanded this to include items for the Nintendo Switch as well. However, not everything on the list is worth checking out so today we’ll be looking at the best of each type for the Nintendo Switch.

Game Storage Case

It may be a basic black colour but this storage case can hold up to 24 games and even has a memory card holder. It’s literally the perfect case for someone who wants to take their Nintendo Switch and games on holiday or to the bar even. The case is small also making it easy to transport.

Check it out here!


Grip Kit

These come in multiple colours so you can pick whichever one looks right for your set-up. They’re a simple controller shaped mold that the Joy-Con can sit in. Perfect for those who have been having trouble with the shape of the Joy-Con for games like Mario Kart. Especially for gamers who don’t want to fork out for a pro controller.

Have a look and tell us which set is your favourite.


Carry Case

Those who like to take their Switch with them outside need to have a nice Carry Case. It’s just a fact. If you don’t have one then this is the perfect case for you. It’s small, fits 10 games and even has a mesh pouch built in which can hold several accessories such as an extra pair of Joy-Cons.

Take a look at it here on Amazon.


Travel Case

Going on holiday? Then you need to have a travel case for your Switch. This particular one can fit your Switch dock also in addition to all the cables you need and Joy-Cons. You won’t need to leave anything at home with this case so it’s perfect for playing while away from home.

You can find the case here.



It’s not a Hori stand but this Nintendo Switch stand works nicely. It holds the Switch upright and lets you adjust the angle for the perfect gaming position. It lets you charge your Switch while it’s locked into the stand and the stand also has good ventilation. So your Switch won’t be overheating anytime soon. It’s certainly a nice stand and it’s perfect for anyone who has been looking for one but didn’t want to splurge too much money.

Check out this stand on Amazon here.

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