Dreamcast Games Might Be Making Their Way To The Switch

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Adding More Retro Flare To The Hybrid Line Up


The Nintendo Switch has become a perfect console for those looking to take top-quality games on the go – or have the option to play them on their home television. What would add to that vision? The addition of classic ports we’ve grown to love over the years – and it seems we’re continuously getting one step closer to that very goal.

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service in September players have been granted the opportunity to engage in classic NES titles from the comfort of their Switch console. While the library is still relatively small, it’s an eye-opening service that showcases just where the future of retro gaming could be headed. And, it seems that Sega is going full force into the unique hybrid design of Nintendo’s latest hardware.


Sega Ages hopes to bring every Sega title to the Switch console, which would include iconic Dreamcast titles.


Recently, a report from GameInformer on in an interview with Famitsu, the Sega emulator MS CEO – Naoki Horii – has shined a bit of light on where they currently stand on bringing beloved Dreamcast games over to the Switch. With a few kinks in the road as to how to port the games over – be it emulated or remastered – it definitely seems as though Nintendo owners will see some classic Dreamcast games added to the digital service.

“Depending on whether you are going to emulate or pick up the source code and make it remake, the transplant work will be different(…)” – Naoki Horii

As for now, we’ll have to stick with the growing library of NES games, Neo Geo releases and upcoming Sega Ages titles while we await more adaptions.

Here’s to hoping N64 ports will follow in the footsteps of Dreamcast additions.

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