Extinction – Preview of the upcoming giant ogre slaying title from the developers of Killer Instinct

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Saving the World from Extinction


Extinction is a hack and slash, giant ogre slaying adventure game pitting players as the sole hero to fight against the mighty Ravenii. When massive horrors begin laying waste to towns and villages filled with innocent lives, it’s up to Avil – the last of the sentinels – to use his unique skills and free humanity.



Taking place in a world where humans are at a constant state of war, Extinction looks to thrust players into an adventure with massive boss battles, enemies and intense skill-based combat. Players must hone their skills to deal with the treacherous Ravenii and perform a series of unique combos and cancel attacks to truly open up the games exciting combat system.

Take on Massive Ravenii with Your Powerful Rune Energy

Displayed as 150-foot tall beasts, the Ravenii wreak havoc upon humanity leaving it up to Avil – the only one capable of defeating these dangerous foes – to use the power of the Rune to finish them off. As any chaotic hack and slash title goes, players will complete tons of slick combos and attacks which slowly increase your Rune Energy. From dismembering¬† Ravenii, savagely ripping through the hordes of minions or completing various side objectives all help to increase players’ Rune Energy.

The Rune energy is then used to perform ultra powerful abilities which slice through Ravenii limbs like butter. Bringing down massive ogres by taking off a leg or slicing off an arm to point the Ravenii’s attention elsewhere are a few viable options for allowing Avil to reach the Ravenii head undetected. Striking the final blow by using Rune attacks to behead the mighty giants looks like the core method of toppling these beasts, all while they savagely destroy surrounding villages and environments.


Taking on the role of Avil, players will scale buildings and massive ogres known as Ravenii in the upcoming hack and slash, Extinction.


The combination of quick hack and slash combat when dealing with the lesser minions, and the drastic change when taking on the Ravenii hopes to keep the battles from growing stale and leading to combat fatigue. With the complex fighting style of Avil players are sure to link together incredible moves and abilities in satisfying ways of toppling the beasts. Using the powerful Rune Strikes once the meter has filled allows players to slice directly through the Ravenii, either taking off limbs, or the kill strike by landing a perfect strike at the base of the neck.

Players must first make their way to the top of the Ravenii which can be done in a number of ways. Slicing off certain limbs will surely down the massive ogres, but also scaling the monsters using your agility is just as viable. However, once atop the ogre they will begin to lash and swing at players like a pestering mosquito, leaving players no choice but to act quickly. With a charged Rune meter players must end the wrath of the Ravenii once and for all.

While the combat definitely looks to be Extinction’s primary source of entertainment, the smooth and energetic running, jumping, gliding and climbing all look to add a bit more depth to the game’s playstyle. Scaling walls and finding yourself at eye level with the Ravenii is only part of the parkour fun, as players must also make their way up Ravenii to have any chance of discarding the massive ogres. Though similar to the classic giant slaying title – Shadow of the Colossus – Extinction focuses more on the sheer amount of various Ravenii to slay rather than limited time-consuming boss battles.


Often players will come across numerous Ravenii on the map at once, making for exciting and thrilling combat.
Adding a Bit of Depth to the Tactical Hack and Slash Combat

Scaling the giant ogres called Ravenii will take more than relentlessly slashing away in hopes of draining the beast’s health bar. Tactics like removing special pieces of armor to uncover weak points is as much of the strategy of combat as keeping yourself alive. The Ravenii come in many different strengths each equipped with unique armor, such as tightly fastened buckled armor or armor that deals damage to Avil, helping keep players on their toes.

The brutal action of taking on, not only waves of various minion warriors, but the enormous Ravenii causes more than just some subtle destruction. Swinging their massive fists, striking down with sheer aggression can, and will, shatter and crumble the environment around you. Juggling powerful combos and attacks, intense Rune Strikes followed with quickly paced air combat seems like a perfect combination for wiping out both the waves of enemy minions and the massive damage dealing Ravenii. But the completely destroyed villages is a glorious showcase of the aftermath of the Ravenii attacks.


Though the Ravenii will be thrashing the land around you, there are still hordes of minion armies ready to take out the last of the Sentinels.


Extinction looks to deliver an action packed hack and slash experience but manages to keep things fresh in the genre by adding massive invading ogres. While the sheer adrenaline of landing combo after combo using Extinction’s unique combat system against the hordes of minion armies, the massive giants and methodical approach to taking them down is a welcomed addition to the hack and slash formula. The continuous waves of ogre enemies looks to keep the game running at a fast-paced speed, only helping players improve on the versatile combat system.

While there’s been plenty of gameplay footage covering Extinction, little else is known about the world other than the massive ogres called Ravenii. The combat hack and slash system looks enticing and the massive Ravenii appear as a truly exciting experience, but for how long? Random side quests and objectives are all noted for being in Extinction but as to how deep these side tasks will be able to take players has yet to be seen.



Extinction is now right around the corner releasing on April 10th, 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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