Inspired by the “Golden Age” of Sierra Games: Preview of the Kickstarter Point and Click Adventure Title – Perfect Tides

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Overcome Alienation as an Angsty Teen


The point and click action of early PC games has been around for decades, and still to this day they manage to make their way into modern gaming. With all of the fuss and commotion regarding big name action/RPGs and shooters, it’s refreshing to see the novelistic stylings of the point and click genre still hanging around, especially in upcoming titles such as Perfect Tides.

Heavily inspired by the point and click classics found in the library of veteran game developer – Sierra Games – creator Meredith Gran is utilizing her impressive cartoonist and animation skills to bring together her very own point and click adventure. While the standard medium of online comics and TV animation has worked wonderfully in Gran’s past – like her 10-year run of Octopus Pie, she’s looking for something more immersive and open to help tell her story of bitter and confusing teenage life during the opening year of the new millennium.

It’s Your Home – The Vastly Abandoned Island of Perfect Tides

Taking place on a small mostly unpopulated island in the New England area of northeast America, players will take on the role of a teenage girl just starting to find out the mysteries of the island, and her angsty teenage life. The scenic landscape of the island is that of a paradise, but the loneliness that comes attached is proving to be quite the burden to bear.

Take control of Mara, a teenage girl who lives with her family alone on a vastly under populated island in northeastern America.

Luckily, the online world is there to help you keep your sanity on the vast and semi-abandoned island. With your school on the mainland not going over as smooth as you’d hoped, and the three seasons out of the year where your island home lays like a barren wasteland, you’ll find yourself, and possibly love, throughout the webs of the internet. It’s the year 2000, and with your family, school life, teenage struggles along with a world waiting to be discovered for the first time, Perfect Tides is sure to take players on an endearing and entertaining story-driven adventure.

The point and click style of gaming is a perfect medium to express an inspiring and emotional story for gamers of all ages and skill requirements. Gran has purposely chosen this form of entertainment to expand on her cartoon creating expertise, but now hopes to fully immerse viewers and players into a world that excels at pointing out the personal struggles of growing through the teenage years.

It’s the year 2000, and players will use the early online capabilities to discover new feelings, including young love.
Discover Yourself Throughout the Course of a Full Year

The game will stretch across a full year taking the player through many different changes that partake both in the world outside and inside of your character. Personal touches and feelings look to lay as a huge motivator for pushing your character to discover new advantages in life, unlocking creative empowerment, and for the first time signs of love. Taking on the role of the a character who lives a virtually solitary life looks to strike many personal chords with both Gran, as well as the players.

Puzzle solving, scavenging for useful items and the freedom to explore the lands around you will come as you progress through the linear storyline, with each season bringing new discoveries to the vastly unpopulated island. The season isn’t the only aspect that changes the discoveries, but night and day cycles also give a diverse experience to the game.

Making new friends and discoveries across the island takes players on a journey across a full year of changing seasons.

The dialogue is promised to not only be full of serious personal and life changing moments, but filled with diverse narratives like humorous encounters, as well as deep and interesting moments throughout. As you meet new people and discover new details of the shifting world around you, the internal teenage struggles will certainly become something of a nostalgic presence for many older generations looking to engage in the world of Perfect Tides.

A Unique Blend of Cartoon Animation and Deep Storytelling

To help work on the game, Gran has partnered up with veteran illustrator and animator Soren Hughes to fill the game with unique cartoonized pixel art. Creating a world not only filled with beautiful scenery and backgrounds, but changing backdrops to add to the ever-changing seasons that unfolds across the story. While the story itself tells a linear narrative, the game looks to eventually open up players to a world free to explore in the nostalgic point and click method.

Explore at your will and discover useful items that are hidden throughout the world, changing with every season.

At the Kickstarter page covering Perfect Tides, the pledges are coming in strong, but the game still has ways to go to meet the pledge goal. Backers are catered with exclusive rewards, such as PC/Phone wallpapers, game soundtrack, a unique T-shirt, or even the chance to have your likeness appear in the game. There are plenty of healthy rewards to help give a little more incentive to those on the fence about becoming a backer of Perfect Tides.

Explore the islands in a surreal and beautifully uninhabited island of Perfect Tides as you take on the struggles of a new millennium teenager. Taking an interesting time period, as well as an even more interesting lead role, Perfect Tides looks like a perfect fit for the casual point and click genre. Meredith Gran is still hard at work on the production of Perfect Tides, so head on over to the titles Kickstarter page and consider helping Perfect Tides see the next stage of indie game development.

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