New Limited Edition ‘NES Themed’ Joy-Con Controllers for the Switch Cost an Arm and a Leg

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The Nintendo Switch has been out for just over four months now and the market has seen many enhanced hardware to go with the ever-changing demand for custom pieces. The hardware customizing company, ColorWare, is producing – for a limited time only – a flashy, old-school retro stylized Joy-Con controller for the popular hybrid device.

Taking a seat and settling in the classic color scheme of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the new, high-priced custom Joy-Con comes in a sleek Nintendo grey with the nostalgic red “pill-sized” input buttons. The font appearing on the flashy retro themed controllers represents the old computer type found on the 80s groundbreaking gaming machine. These slick new throwbacks are fit for any Nintendo geek – just as long as they have the extra cash, as these custom Joy-Con controllers will set you back $199.

The company responsible for the epic blast to the past, ColorWare, works with various technology companies, customizing everything from video game controllers and consoles to Macbooks and microphones. Recent products added to the store all seem to follow the retro theme including a classic ‘Sony Grey’ Playstation 4 Pro with the “old-school” Playstation logo on the top surface, equipped with a matching wireless controller. Drawn to the last detail including numbering the two USB slots to mimic the two memory card/controller ports of the original Sony behemoth, this aesthetically enhanced Pro runs at a whopping $899.

As just a small portion of what the creative folks at ColorWare can create, the list goes on with custom Apple iPhones featuring the colorful, retro Apple logo, personalized Xbox’s, PS4s or even the Switch (which states on the website that the Switch product will not ship until September) with custom paint orders from a wide selection of color choices.

Though an expensive endeavor, custom orders from ColorWare provides the showmanship for any tech geek, gaming fan or nostalgic hardware collector looking for their next addition to their treasure trove. For a limited time only, the classic NES themed Joy-Con controllers can be apart of any Switch owner’s collection, as long as your bank account can take it.

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