Puzzle Puppers Review – A Stretching Good Time

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You Hungry, Boy?


The unique gameplay design that Cardboard Keep presents in their puppy stretching puzzle game – Puzzle Puppers – provides an easy to play challenge that ceases to give up on pushing your mental fortitude. Dragging your hungry puppies across the grid to their designated food bowl seems like an easy concept, but that’s where Puzzle Puppers gets the best of you.

The charm of Puppers is taking on the goal to stretch your hungry puppies across the board to gobble up not only their bowl of dog chow, but legs of ham along the way. The concept is as simple as can be, but often leaves the player curiously scratching their head trying to figure out the best route. The game starts off the first handful of levels with only one puppy to guide, but as players make their way through the 80 puzzling levels, more starving canines get thrown into the mix.

You Want a Treat? How’s About a Ham Leg?

Dragging the puppy from the starting point of the area works well with the grid like structure of the puzzles. Guiding them along an appropriate route to their dog bowl is effortless, but if you’re aiming for a perfect 3-heart finish, snagging up the remaining ham legs are just as important. Zig-zagging through the levels, and eventually the many obstacles is simple, and offers an unlimited amount of tries, as the game allows players to backtrack by simply clicking on the desired space. Getting a perfect 3-heart score isn’t held back by anything but your mental capacity to figure out the tricky layout of the puzzle.

Finding new ways to get to each stretchable puppy’s food bowl creates unique puzzle solving possibilities.

When using multiple puppies in the puzzles, players will frequently discover that each stretched out dog may interfere with the path of another. This is where Puzzle Puppers’ quick restart system becomes all-too handy, as players begin utilizing a frequent trial and error stage. Taking your yellow puppy one way only to realize your red puppy is blocked off from their bowl is a common occurrence, but with enough thought eventually the solution makes itself clear.

While picking up each bowl of dog chow, snatching up the ham legs can create other disruptive instances in the puzzle as well. These delicious meaty snacks are crucial for earning an extra level after each tier of puzzles. Earning all three hearts of each level is mandatory to unlock the final bonus stage at the end of every 5 standard puzzles, and you won’t get all hearts without going for every ham leg.

Getting across an entire board to get to the goal can be a rather tedious situation.
Feeding a Litter

Adding more puppies to the mix and trying for a perfect clear, players must be cautious of each puppy’s path to their bowl. While sometimes the game makes it clear of which direction the puppy should take by easily following the path of ham legs, often times it’s up to the player’s ability to think ahead that will help achieve a 3-heart score. Taking an easy path to the colored puppy’s corresponding colored dog bowl, the stretched out state of that pup make block another pup from reaching their bowl. Configuring new routes and pathways to both pick up required ham legs and steering clear of the other puppies pathway is all part of the Puzzle Puppers mechanics.

Throughout the course of the campaign levels will begin to introduce new interesting obstacles to overcome. Pairs of burrowed holes take a puppy from one side of the grid to the next, which can lead to some interesting puzzle solutions. Often players will find multiple pairs of holes in the floor – sometimes making up the entire level – adding a bit more depth to the original idea of Puzzle Puppers. No longer will you pups stretch across the entire board when using the burrowing technique, but they do frequently block essential pathways to other puppies dog bowl, or ham legs.

Multiple puppies will often be placed on the grid, making players think clearly about each one’s designated path to success.

The burrowing holes are only one new aspect players will run into as they make their way through Puzzle Puppers, adding to the overall depth of the otherwise simplistic puzzle game. Each new unique mechanic triggers a new way of grinding for the ‘puzzling’ solution. Grabbing the perfect score inducing ham legs, as well as bringing each colorful pup to their matching dog bowl is a light and entertaining way to kill some time. The cute appeal of feeding your elastic-like canines only adds to the overwhelming charm of Puzzle Puppers.

Final Grade

If players are looking for a quick and easy to learn puzzle solving title, as well as crave a game that won’t hold your hand for every solution, Puzzle Puppers is a definite pick up. Feeding your precious stretchable puppies and earning your perfect scores for each level can be a rather tedious grind, but that’s what puzzle solving should be about in the first place.

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