Some Of The Most Valuable Items To Sell Early On In Moonlighter, And Where To Find Them

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The beautiful mash-up of roguelite adventure and shop management sim, Moonlighter, has been out since earlier this year, but Switch owners are now jumping into the masterful indie title. Take on the role of the last remaining heir of the Moonlighter shop owners, Will, and benefit from your adventures through dangerous dungeons.

Early on players will face plenty of adversity trekking through the Golem dungeon, and often find plenty of materials used for crafting, upgrading or stock for your Moonlighter shop. Selling is obviously the most profitable method and acquiring currency helps players build up their shop and village, but also is used for useful upgrades to your weapons and armor. Specific materials are also part of the formula to craft and upgrade weapons, so, in a nutshell: these rarer materials are key for advancing quickly early on in the game.

Listed below are some of the most valuable items and materials you will come across in your adventure through the first couple of dungeons – Golem and Forest – and give you a good idea of where to find them and how much the typically sell for in your shop.


Golem Chisel

Obviously the Golem Chisel is found within the first dungeon, Golem Culture. It’s a valuable, expensive item that can be used for crafting or upgrading pieces of equipment, but also sold for a modest income. Typically found in the later floors of the first dungeon, players can expect to fetch around 500-700 gold per sale depending on how in-demand it is during that day.


Retrieving some of the most valuable items can be difficult when organizing your inventory in dungeons. Image: AllGamers


Rune Tool

At a solid rate of between 1200-1600 gold pieces, the Rune Tool can also be used for crafting new weapons. As one of the best items you can find in the Golem Dungeon, you most likely won’t come across one of these until you make to the deeper areas of the dungeon. Whether you use it for creating the Buster Big Sword or to increase your funds, these valuable items are a must-have when scavenging in the Golem Culture dungeon.


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Ancient Wood

Ancient Wood is a rare item that can be found deep in the second dungeon, the Forest Culture. You can sell this material for a modest price early on in the game somewhere between 1100-1300 gold pieces – depending on the day you sell. If you’re looking to use this specific material for crafting purposes, Ancient Wood can also be used for armor upgrades.


Designs, History and Jottings

These pieces of paper offer a hefty income when picked up from late stages in each dungeon. Not used in any crafting recipe, these slips are purely for raising your finances in your Moonlighter shop. The average price for any type of paper item concerning dungeon history, jottings or design can fall anywhere between 1500-3300 from the first dungeon, while increasing greatly the more dungeons you explore in the game. Most are found throughout all dungeons but come up extremely rare, so make sure you have space in your inventory to carry these precious items out of the dungeon.


Fertile Soil

Another valuable material used for making a profit, Fertile Soil can help players low on income increase their finances quickly. You can come across these bags of rich soil within the Forest dungeon. Once back at the Moonlighter shop you can unload these bags for a steady price of around 1200 pieces of gold.


It’s important to unload your findings at the best price possible to net the largest income. Image: AllGamers


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Fluid Vessel

This particular item will cross player’s path as they explore the Forest dungeon. Usually not until later in the dungeon, these valuable pieces of material can be unloaded in your shop anywhere between 1500-1900 pieces of gold.

While there are tons of items throughout the entirety of Moonlighter, these specific items will help players earn a decent income early on. Keep in mind many items can also allow for equipment upgrades, or even crafting new weapons and armor – so be sure to check out the weapons smith whenever you come across new items you’ve yet to discover.

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