Tantanmen Ramen: Bento Edition

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While we’ve done an a recipe in the past for tantanmen ramen, this time we’ll be showing you how to make it more portable. Sure, ramen is great when you’re sat down immediately but sometimes you want to eat it while you’re out at work or out for the day. Today we’ll be showing you a simple ramen recipe which you can take pretty much anywhere as long as you have a bento box.


50g mince (meat or vegetarian)
1 pack of noodles (ramen or egg works best)
1 vegetable stock cube
25g of sweetcorn
Several pak choi leaves



Chinese 5 Spice powder
Hot sauce


Step by Step

Step 1

Boil a saucepan full of water and put the stock cube in it then mix

Step 2

Start cooking the mince according to the instructions

Step 3

Add the noodles to the saucepan with the stock cube and let it cook for 5 minutes

Step 4

Let the noodles and the mince cool down

Step 5

Add the sweetcorn and pak choi to half of a bento box, the other side is for the mince

Step 6

Once the mince has cooled, add it to the other half of the bento box

Step 7

Now that the noodles are cool, scoop them out and place them into the main bento box

Step 8

Feel free to add some of the sauce but don’t add to much or it will leak!

Step 9

If you have any hot sauce, add it to the mince. Otherwise you’re done!


Now you’ve got some delicious tantanmen ramen you can take with you anywhere!


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