Top 5 Mods For PC Games

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Are you in search of mods for PC games? One of the best aspects of playing PC games are the modifications made by other fellow gamers. These can be really extensive, providing a completely different gaming experience.

Some mods just add a few skills or additional items without changing much of the gameplay. Others completely change the game, and make the original seem barren in comparison. Those are the mods this article will cover.

The focus is on the best 5 mods for PC games, so let’s dive into it!

 1. Black Mesa

This is an awesome mod for one of the greatest FPS games ever – Half Life. It’s basically a stand-alone game that adds thousands of new features, storyline, and improves the graphics of the game immensely. You’d probably think it’s a professional remake of the game, but it’s a work done by fans of the game.

If you couldn’t get into the first two Half Life releases due to their old age, Black Mesa is a modern version that definitely looks better. But don’t expect modern changes like regenerating health or sticking cover. The gameplay is still based on the original.

If you want to download Black Mesa for free, you can do it here.

2. Diaspora

If you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica, you’re probably dissapointed that there aren’t any quality games based off on the series. But you can wipe your tears now, because we got an excellent mod for you. Diaspora is based on an old-school space shooter Freespace 2, but it adds Battlestar Galactica features to it. And guess what – it looks frickin amazing. The only minor pitfalls are the voice acting and it can be “rough on the edges” at times, visually speaking.

It’s also a self-executing mod, so you don’t need to buy Freespace 2 or any other retail game. You can download the mod for free here.


One of the most popular online multiplayer games is actually – a mod! That’s right. In case you didn’t know, DOTA is a mod based off of Warcraft III. It’s a bit outdated in terms of the graphics, and a lot of the players have switched to DOTA 2 and League Of Legends in the past few years.

But others still prefer the original. If you want to get a small history lesson of gaming, and have fun while doing it, you can download this awesome mod here. But you will need Warcraft III installed in order to play.

4. Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge

If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise, then look no further. Nehrim At Fate’s Edge is an awesome mod that is visually based off of Oblivion. It provides a whole new world with a fresh storyline, a huge amount of new items and features as well.

We can only imagine how much time it went into this mod, and it must be a frightening number. This mod is simply stunning. You can download it here. In order to play, you will also need to have Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion installed.

5. Star Wars: Galactic Warfare

This entertaining mod transforms Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare into a Star Wars shooter. The mod completely modifies the visual, audio and gameplay aspect so that it feels like the Star Wars universe.

If you enjoy Modern Warfare and SW, this is a perfect blend of the two for long nights of multiplayer joy. You can get it here. You will also need COD 4: Modern Warfare to play the game.


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