What Do Two 10/10’s This Year Mean for Nintendo?

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Not all the review scores for Super Mario Odyssey have been released yet but everything certainly indicates to another 10/10 game. This would be Nintendo’s second 10/10 game of the year with the earlier release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Gamers have been assuming that the new Zelda game will be Game of the Year but could Odyssey take the crown in the end? It’s certainly possible. But what do two top scoring games mean for Nintendo?

Well for starters, Nintendo is clearly at the top of their game right now when it comes to development. Sure, they’ve had a few downs this year but for the most part, all Nintendo developed games have scored quite well. So the developer is definitely having a good year which means the Switch has had an amazing launch year… which isn’t even over yet.

Currently, we don’t know much about what the company┬áis planning for 2018. All we know is that there’s a new Metroid and Pokemon game coming for the Switch. It’s difficult to say if these games will be releasing in 2018 as they might be more 2019 games. However, there are still a bunch of first party IP’s which don’t have games announced just yet for the Switch. For example, Mario Party would be a great addition to the line-up and there are even rumours of a new Luigi’s Mansion game.

Can they keep up at this pace? It seems unlikely they can. So far, the Switch has had one major release every month from the developer and publisher. This will continue until the end of the year but there’s no news on what’s coming in 2018. It’s possible that Nintendo has some more heavy hitters for next year but nothing has been confirmed so far. Hopefully, there will be another Nintendo Direct presentation before the end of the year to announce a few upcoming games.

Getting a second 10/10 score would be huge. Many gamers have dismissed Nintendo in recent years but this would certainly mean the developer still has a lot to give gamers. Nintendo certainly isn’t going anywhere and this is a great year to be a Nintendo fan.

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