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If you’re new to the Unreal Engine you’ll probably want to create a new project that comes with “Starter Content”. Even if you’re not new, you may still want to do this for ease of use purposes and there’s nothing wrong with that. Today we’ll be taking a look at what the Starter Content is in the Unreal Engine.

To include starter content in your new project you need to actively select it. You can see we’ve selected it here at the lower center of the screen.

The Starter Content comes with a range of assets to help you get started in the Unreal Engine. It includes a range of primitive shapes, props, materials and particle effects. Most beginner video tutorials and guides tend to use the Starter Content pack in them so you’ll probably find yourself working with them quite a lot.


After starting a New Project you should be able to see the Starter Content in the Content Browser. You can find it under the StarterContent folder option.

In order to see the Starter Content pack in action, you can open up the StarterContent level. Single go to File > Open Level > Starter Content > Maps > Starter Map

Once the map is opened, you can see many of the assets in action on the level. This includes the different materials, particle systems and static meshes that come with the pack. Don’t panic if the map takes a while to load. It may take several minutes for the level to open.

As you can see, there’s lots for you to take a look at and play with. This level is purely to show-off what’s in the Starter Content pack but you’re free to adjust it as much as you like.


Later this week we’ll be taking a look at the two other maps that come with the Starter Content pack.



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