Valve makes changes to Gift giving on Steam

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The gifting system on Steam is changing very soon. In a blog post released yesterday, Valve outlined their plans for the future and admitted that there are issues in the current version. The post stated that the system has had a “bunch of friction in it for a while”.

As a result, Valve is completely changing the system. The new Steam Gifting service will be direct exchanges from the gift buyer and the receiver. Valve has confirmed that they are removing the Gift to E-mail and Gift to Inventory options currently in place.

The new system is being designed around direct exchanges between players without there being a ‘middle man’. This new system will be coming with 3 major changes which Valve outlined in their post.

Gifts can be bought in advance

Gamers will be able to purchase a gift in advance and set it up to be delivered on a specific day. According to the blog post, gifts will be delivered on time “every time”.

Declined Gifts will be refunded

This new system will be coming with a heavily requested feature. Declining a gift will cause it to be refunded and the money will be returned to the buyers account. This is very different to the old system where the gift game would be added to the buyers inventory instead.

Safe gifting between countries

Valve isn’t changing their stance of gifting between countries, but they are updating the system. When there’s a large price difference between countries, gifting won’t be available and buyers will be told before purchase.


These new changes should improve the overall experience of gifting. However, those looking to add games to their inventory should grab them while they still can as Valve will be removing them soon. The company has not provided a date for when these changes will come into affect.

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