Village Monsters – A Monster Village Life Simulator

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Ever wonder what happens when you abandon a video game for a few years?  Find out in new game ‘Village Monsters’.  The player character turns the game on for the first time in decades and discovers that it’s nothing like how it used to be. The monsters have thrown away their weapons and created a village to settle down in. Now, they invite you to join them.

The game is inspired by other life sims such as Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon. It aims to simulate relaxing village life.  However, there are no farms to manage or meters to deal with. Instead, players have complete freedom every day to do whatever they want. It’s like the life sim village game we’ve always dreamed about playing.

Here are some of the things you can do in the game:

  • Personalize a home
  • Meet and build relationships with the local monsters
  • Take part in activities and get hobbies
  • Build structures and influence the village over time
  • Complete mundane daily life tasks such as shopping

Naturally, there’s some excitement in this game. The peaceful world is in trouble. Glitches and faults are becoming more common and entire areas might be going missing. As the only external creature in the world, it’s down to you to discover what’s happening and deal with the problem before the village and its inhabitants are wiped out.

This isn’t an unchanging world, there is a day/night cycle and different seasons also. Players can expect to see a lot of new activities, creatures, items and music as they play through the game as they’re linked to the season. Not only this but there are also different holidays to take part in as the game goes through the different seasons. So there’s lots to explore and lots to do at all times of the in-game year.

A short Alpha demo is currently available for the game here. If this sounds like your kind of game then you can head on over to the Kickstarter page to help the game be made.

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