What We’d Like To See In The Medievil Remake

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Modernizing a Classic Experience


In 1998, Sony Computer Entertainment released what became one of my most personal favorite adventure games of all time. Medievil took players on a surreal journey through the trudges of Gallowmere on a deadly quest to stop the evil forces of Zarok. Through tons of unique level designs, incredibly memorable characters and a slew of powerful weapons, the original Playstation classic personally set new standards for what I’d hope to see in future games.

Today, we’ve seen new innovation and standards set by a wide variety of action, adventure, RPG, shooter and litany of other genre forever embedding themselves within the industry. With the upcoming Medievil remake breaking news headlines with a forthcoming trailer making its debut this Halloween, we’re curious as to just how much modern influence the classic restructure will see. Let’s take a look at some added features that would help the Medievil remake blend nicely in the modern world of gaming.



Modernized Combat Controls

With a standard approach to casual hack and slash combat mechanics, Sir Daniel Fortesque wasn’t exactly known for his ground-breaking and pivotal set of skills. In today’s modern era of video games the old play style simply won’t do for the upcoming remake. We need something worthy of keeping players engaged in an age of The Witcher, Dark Souls and Nioh style combat. More importantly, we need refreshing combat skills to match with the unique blend of Dan’s arsenal.

Turning to the now traditional real-time combat of previously mentioned action games seems to be a perfect fit for a new-aged Medievil experience. Utilizing light and heavy attacks, blocking and dodge moves would allow more depth to the combat play, as well as keep the classic charge moves from the original. With the wide range of weapons rewarded to Dan from the patron statues populating the Hall of Heroes, there should be plenty of opportunity to take advantage of a diverse skill set from weapon to weapon.


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The combat in the original Medievil Playstation title came off a bit dry, but with the help of a modern developer the return can make Dan’s combat skills much more engaging.


Interconnected Map

When traveling through Gallowmere from location to location like the Scarecrow Fields or Sleeping Village, each area is separated from an overhead map level select design. The original map shows off how each area is connected via pathways, but players only control Dan when in each specified area. Due to the small size of the original playstation disc, creating a true open world experience would have been extremely difficult to pull off. Luckily, today we’re in the luxury of utilizing the sizeable Blu Ray disc which could easily hold a vast open world of Gallowmere.

Now, while I’m a fan of the true open world design, I believe the Medievil remake would benefit much more from a semi-open world, interconnected design similar to the Souls series. Having all of the original levels littered within the sprawling map seamlessly connected through roadways, side paths and haunting alleys could add to the overall atmosphere of the game without the interrupting level select map. If Sony is giving this remake the attention is deserves, there should be no reason to force an intruding level select screen in between each area.


The boss fights in Medievil were unique and highly memorable in the original release, but adding some revamped flare to each encounter could help create a less casual approach.


Revamped Boss Encounters

In his adventures through Gallowmere Dan Fortesque fights his way through hordes of vile creatures and mighty boss encounters. From a giant ant queen to a demon made of stain glass, Medievil is packed with unique boss fights to keep players on their toes. Taking on the army of Zarok isn’t easy, so these occasional boss sequences should be memorable within the current generation of video games, right?

While the old boss fights weren’t the most influential in the genre, there was room for some interesting ideas. Take the old boss fights and adding some modern flare to each encounter would make an otherwise casual game turn into a romp through devilishly challenging stand offs in a gothic land. The dark theme of the game would mesh perfectly with at least half a dozen memorable boss fights.


A Sequel Follow-Up


While it’s almost certain that the upcoming remake will only contain the first game, a remake of the sequel would also be a superb release for long time Sony fans.


Now, this one may seem a bit far-fetched, but adding the Fortesque sequel to the remade package would be a welcome addition. While it’s been made abundantly clear that developers Other Ocean Interactive are remaking the original game from the first Playstation era, a sequel follow-up remake would help keep new players explore the rest of Sir Fortesque’s adventures.


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The Medievil package starts and is most notably highlighted by the original story, but the sequel added some interesting features that to the gothic package, such as the Victorian London setting and the grotesquely unique ability to plant Dan’s skull atop a walking hand for tactical recon actions. There may not have been a plethora of innovative ideas stacked upon the original, it was, however, a smooth transition to an enjoyable sequel. It may seem like and unlikely addition to the current remake package, but maybe the future will eventually see the second adventure of Fortesque with a modern edge.

With more details coming soon regarding the upcoming remake, Medievil is easily becoming one of the most anticipated PS4 titles, especially for long time fans. The news of the IP receiving the full on remake treatment, the options are wide open as to what we can expect from the timeless gothic adventure. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the new team brings to the experience.

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