Xbox One X Doesn’t Have the Exclusives It Needs for a Good Launch

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It’s a shame really. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever built. It’s a fact that no one can deny and while this certainly gives some bragging points to Microsoft, there’s a big factor which just isn’t being filled by the company. The games. The Xbox One X has no real exclusives launching with it or around it. As a result, why should anyone upgrade when there’s nothing currently available that makes the most of the new technology? Sure third-party support is there for it but where’s the first party?

There are no major games releasing with the new console next month. Well, no first party games at least. Microsoft does have a small confirmed line-up for next year already such as Ori and The Will of the Wisps, State of Decay 2 and the anticipated Sea of Thieves. However, each of these games will also be coming to Windows 10 so they’re not actually “Xbox Exclusives”. They’re “Microsoft Exclusives” instead and that’s what we should be calling them. Instead of wrongly labelling them as Xbox exclusive games, since this just isn’t true.

Those three games are highly anticipated by Xbox fans and some PC players but, it’s not really what the Xbox One X needs. Sure, Sea of Thieves will most likely look phenomenal on the console but it’s not releasing alongside it in November. Sea of Thieves will be releasing in 2018 instead. In fact, all major games announced by Microsoft will be coming in 2018 instead. Making 2017 one of their quietest exclusive periods yet. Hopefully, the company picks up the pace a little bit next year and the years ahead otherwise they could be in serious trouble.

Yes, this console will be better than the PS4 Pro in terms of resolution and power. However, it just doesn’t have the titles it needs to sell well on launch day. Currently, we don’t know if there will be any Xbox One X bundles being sold from next month so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s possible that some good bundles could win some players over however such as Forza Motorsport 7 which is guaranteed to run amazingly on the new console.

Will the Xbox One X survive its first year? What do you think?

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