19 Years Later, Half-Life Gets An Update To Fix Various Issues

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Valve works in mysterious ways sometimes and now the developer has befuddled everyone yet again. This time with a update for Half-Life which is 19 years old. There’s an update for the main game and also updates for Blue Shift and Opposing Forces.

A new update for Half-Life was announced yesterday by Valve. The game was originally released in 1998 and will be celebrating its 20th birthday next year.

While the game getting an update is exciting for many, but it’s nothing too major. Nothing in the patch notes are too exciting but, the changes are very much needed. Even if the update comes almost two decades after the game was released.

Here are the patch notes for the update:

  • Fixed crash when entering certain malformed strings into the game console. Thanks to Marshal Webb from BackConnect, Inc for reporting this.

  • Fixed crash when loading a specially crafted malformed BSP file. Thanks to Grant Hernandez (@Digital_Cold) for reporting this.

  • Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written into the game folder. Thanks to Vsevolod Saj for reporting this.

  • Fixed a crash when quickly changing weapons that are consumable. Thanks to Sam Vanheer for reporting this.

  • Fixed crash when setting custom decals

As you can see, Valve gave special thanks to certain people for reporting crashes by sending in crash reports.

In addition to the original game being updated, there’s also updates for two other games in the series. Opposing Force and Blue Shift have both received updates. However, just like the original Half-Life, these updates are focused around crashing issues. These updates appear to be exactly the same as the Half-Life update as the developer has addressed the same issues within those games.

It’s strange that Valve would update the game but for those who still enjoy the Half-Life series, the updates are very welcome.


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