3 Accessories Every Nintendo Switch Owner Needs to Have

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If you own a Nintendo Switch then chances are you already have these accessories for your new console. If you’ve just bought a Switch then you should check out our guide if you want to keep your console safe from harm and in good condition.

Screen Protector

The touchscreen on the Nintendo Switch is plastic which means it won’t crack but it can still be scratched. A glass screen protector will stop scratches and protect it from dust or hair which could cause scratches on the screen. However, you could get a plastic protector which will protect against dust and hair but not scratches. Ideally, you want to get a glass protector since it will keep your Switch safe from scratches.



If you want to make the most out of the portability of the Switch then you’ll want to pick up a nice hard case to keep the Switch safe while you travel. A soft case just won’t offer the same kind of protection for travelling so we’d recommend a hard case. They’re more designed for transportation while a soft case is more for home use.

You don’t need to get an official Nintendo case for your Switch, I certainly don’t own one yet. The case I use is a Younik which works wonderfully and have the indents in the box so the console sits snuggly in the case without fear of warping. In addition to this, the case has a large number of cartridge slots so I can take plenty of games with me on holiday or when I go travelling.



Now, you don’t need to get a grip for your Joy-Cons. You have to admit though, playing Mario Kart on the controller can be a little bit awkward due to the small size. This doesn’t mean you need to get a Pro Controller though, if you like the Joy-Cons and just wish they were a little easier to grip then you can purchase a third-party grip for them. There’s plenty of them currently available which are easy to put on and take off. Personally, I have some Splatoon 2 grips I bought from Japan and they work like a charm plus they make my console look ‘super cool’.


What accessories do you own for your Nintendo Switch? Let us know!



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