3 Easy Solutions to Add More Storage Space to Your PC, Playstation or Xbox

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Hard drive space is coveted amongst gamers and digital entertainment enthusiasts everywhere. With the monstrous files sizes that come with the booming technology market, we may find ourselves striving for more storage space for music, photos, movies and most importantly, video games. Fortunately for us, we live in a world where these tedious issues can be solved rather easily.

USB Flash Drive

By far the cheapest yet most uncommon way to add to your storage is the smaller USB flash drive. With a small-scale flash drive you may be able to relieve some of your system storage space, while also relieving your wallet as well. Available in a range of file sizes from 1 GB all the way up to a couple of terabytes. The cheapest flash drives run around the smaller sizes, around 16 GB to 128 GB, leaving little room for those large game install files, or even larger full game downloads.

External HDD

The most convenient and cost efficient method is the external hard drive. Plugs straight into the USB port like the flash drive, however these slightly pricier storage devices come with a much larger standard of storage space. Consoles can support up to 8 TB of storage with a simple plug-in and format style, you’ll be ready to increase you storage space drastically in no time flat. Anywhere from 1 TB to 8 TB of storage can run you a price a little steeper than the flash drives, around $50 to almost $200, but the relief of not worrying about taking up precious hard drive space is a price worth paying.

Internal HDD

For the more “tech savvy” gamers out there not afraid to dig into their expensive piece of hardware, the internal hard drive is the most efficient upgrade all around. Simply replacing your original hard drive and adding a new, enhanced version takes away the hassle of having multiple locations for your gaming library. There’s also no external device attached to your console or computer, leashing onto you system making for occasionally awkward arrangements in your gaming area. Though more expensive, as well as more work on your part, this method is turned down more often than not for the popular external hard drives.

Regardless of opinions, it’s good to know that constantly deleting older install data and games for newer releases can, for the time being, be easily put to a halt.

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