3 Things You Need to Understand to Be a Video Game Journalist


Everyone who loves video games dreams of playing them for a job. Anyone who dreams about playing video games for a job should look at being a content creator instead. Being a video game journalist is hard work and means being dedicated to writing as opposed to games. To become a video game journalist, you need to understand these three things.

It’s work

This is something you must remember. Sure, you get to play video games as part of this work but you still need to keep in mind you’re not just doing it for fun anymore. You need to pay attention as you play the game. Is the plot building well? How do the game mechanics feel? Does the gameplay feel repetitive? All of these things are important but easy to miss if you’re not paying full attention to the game.

You may find it useful to keep a notepad next to you to take notes on the game as you playthrough it.


You need to love writing more than games

If there’s one thing you remember from this article it’s this: If you don’t love writing, don’t start down the path to becoming a journalist. Being a video game journalist is just like any other type of journalism, you need to be a strong writer if you want to get noticed. Without having knowledge of being a wordsmith, there’s only so far you can go and it would ultimately be a waste of time.

You need to learn to write well and this is a skill which will come with experience and time. So don’t be frustrated if you struggle for the first few months, it does get better.


There’s lots of competition

Let’s face it, there’s a huge number of video game fans across the world now and many of them would love to work with video games as a job. As a result, there are more amateur journalists than ever. When you’re first starting up, you’ll need to fight through this competition to prove that you’re a competent writer and worth investing it. Don’t be surprised if your pitches get ignored by big websites and magazines, they get so many per day it’s difficult to reply to everyone.

Focus your efforts on smaller websites. Once you’ve been picked up, then you can build your skills and approach a larger website.



This post was provided by Clare from Lunawolf Gaming

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