4 Awesome Skyrim Immersion Mods For Xbox One

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We all know that Skyrim is amazing regardless of platform. That’s just a fact. We’ve previously looked at Skyrim mods for PC and PS4 but now it’s time to check out what the Xbox One version of Skyrim has to offer. Microsoft fans rejoice as it’s time to look at the top immersion mods available for Xbox One.

Open Cities

This mod has been around a long time. It removes the loading screens you usually see when entering a city. Providing a much more natural and open world which feels more realistic as a result. Open Cities is a mod that everyone on Xbox One and PC should have installed.


Wet and Cold

This weather dependent mod adds visual and sound effects into the world for both the player and the NPC. It also changes how NPCs react to the weather which adds a great real more realism to the world. This mod adds a lot of new features so be sure to check out the full list before downloading it.


Static Mesh Improvement Mod

You’ll be surprised by how improved graphics can increase your immersion levels. This mod greatly enhances the appearance of over 1000 meshes spread across the game that make the world of Skyrim even more beautiful.


Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

It greatly improves NPC AI and makes them more realistic in an attempt to increase immersion. The mod gives new orders to NPCs to make then act and react like humans in relation to their environment or to an enemy. So they’ll run away and hide from enemies stronger than them instead of running fearlessly towards combat. A must have if you’d like to keep your NPCs alive until you feel like slaughtering them.


Some other great mods

Realistic Conversations
Immersive Patrols
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Better Combat AI
Enhanced Blood Textures


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