4 Cancelled NES games which never made it to release

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When games like Silent Hill and Nosgoth are cancelled mid-production, it reminds us of how many games never make it to full release. Some games are cancelled mid-production and most of them will never be heard or spoken about. It’s kind of sad really.

Today we’ll be taking a look at games from the past which never made it to full release. This list has been created from the information on Unseen64 which is a website ┬ádedicated to cancelled and unseen games. If you’d like to learn more about these games, you can find them on there. Here are four cancelled NES games which never made it to full release.


The Terror of Tech Town

This cancelled NES game was in development to work with the classic Power Glove. For those who don’t know, the Power Glove is an early VR-style controller however, it only received two games and didn’t sell well as a result. Other developers made announcements for additional game but these all vanished from existence.

Players would have been able to interact directly with the virtual world in this game. Similar to how modern VR games work.

While the game was never released, it did receive a release date for 1991.


Cheetahmen 2


This side-scrolling action game was cancelled before it could get a release in 1992. The reason for the cancellation for this game is currently unknown but there are many theories.


Despite the lack of a full release, cartridges were legally taken from their warehouse and sold to the public in 1997. As a result, there are several full playthroughs of the game available on Youtube. One such walkthrough is available above for you to take a look at.


Robocop vs Terminator

This game is based on the comic mini-series which shares the same name. While this game was actually released for several consoles, the NES version of the game was cancelled.

The exact reason for the cancellation of this game is uncertain and it certainly seems strange considering it was released for other platforms. The most likely reason seems to be the fact the game was regarded as being “commercially dead” due to it being a generic action game.


Time Diver: Eon Man


The case of Time Diver: Eon Man is a strange one. The game was almost completed and received a full strategy guide in the Nintendo Power magazine. However, the game just vanished. It was silently cancelled and never saw full release.

A playable ROM of the game has been leaked online however so interested people still have a chance to play the game.

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