5 of the best types of Ramen

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No matter what you’re relationship is with ramen, there are certain types which are just better than the others. The difficulty however, is ranking them. There are so many types of ramen for fans to try during their lifetime. But these are the ones that you absolutely have to test out.


Demae Ramen

Okay, this one isn’t really a type of ramen. It’s a brand. But it’s an amazingly delicious and usually readily available. It’s so nice that you don’t need to add any toppings or extra flavours to the mix. However, some of the types they offer such as Tonkotsu may benefit from a few additions.



This simple type of ramen is easy to make and delicious also. It uses mince and sweetcorn which makes it easy to create a vegetarian version for anyone with that diet. You can find out recipe for it here and a bento version here.



Meat, egg, mushrooms and spring onions. What else does a good ramen need to be appealing? Tonkotsu is a classic ramen dish for a good reason and it’s relatively easy to make with left overs from the fridge.

Check out what this Reddit user created.



Almost any type of ramen can use a miso soup for a base. However, it’s perfect for creating a purely vegan ramen as it adds an extra taste twist to a dish. Miso soup is a Japanese classic so it’s only natural that it would be mixed with a nice ramen. Which is exactly what we did for this recipe here.



This classic type of ramen is a “dipping noodle” dish where the consumer dips their cold noodles into a hot broth before eating. It’s a relatively simple dish and we will be doing an adaption of this in the future.

Check out how delicious it looks thanks to this Reddit user!


What’s you favourite type? Let us know!


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