5 Games we want for the Ataribox

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While Atari hasn’t stated anything concrete about their upcoming console, it doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. One of the most popular internet theories right now is that this console is trying to cash in on the popularity of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. So according to this, Atari is creating an console dedicated to their retro games. We don’t know this for sure but we certainly like the idea of a modern ‘retro’ console.

If this rumor and theory is true then here are 5 games we’d love to have for the Ataribox.



This game was a classic when it was first released and ported to home consoles. However, not all reviews for this game were very positive so we might not see the return of Paperboy anytime soon. Despite this, we’d love to see this game make a comeback.


Gauntlet series

This series is regarded as one of the best hack and slashers of all time. It was also the first multiplayer dungeon crawl arcade game so it was definitely a big deal when it was first released. As a huge bonus, Arrowhead Game Studios actually released a remake of the game for Windows PC. So there would definitely be an audience for this game today. As a result, it’s probably one of the most likely series to be featured on a retro focused Ataribox console.


Primal Rage

This fighting game was released during a time where controversy surrounded violent fighting games. Other game series such as Mortal Kombat also struggled during this period. It was highly rated by gamers and critics alike despite the issues it had with being ‘too violent’ and was re-released several times as a result. It’s a shame it struggled so much as Primal Rage was a very nice fighting game. Hopefully we’ll get to see this game make a comeback in the near future.



This 1980’s arcade game is a classic and was a sequel to Centipede. Either of these games would be a great addition to a retro Ataribox and including this game would certainly be possible. It was re-released for the Xbox Live Arcade in 2007 and is still available for players to purchase and play.



This is an iconic arcade game from the late 1970’s which has become a classic game in the history of video games. If the Atarabox is a retro gaming machine then we can expect it to play this game otherwise gamers will be severely disappointed in Atari.


What games are you hoping to see in a retro Ataribox?



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