5 Games to Watch Out for This Week (September 25th – October 1st)

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This week has a few major releases and some notable indie games which everyone should be paying attention. This week includes the highly anticipated indie game Cuphead and also the next Total War: Warhammer game. There’s something for almost everyone this week.

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2: The Pact

The next episode of Telltale’s Batman series is almost here. Telltale announced last month that this episode will debut Harley Quinn, or their own unique interpretation of her at least. They previously said she’ll have an intriguing power dynamic with ‘John Doe’ who has yet to become the Joker. This should be a very interesting episode, to say the least.

The next episode is releasing tomorrow on the 26th.



The long-awaited run and gun platform game is almost here. The game captured the interest of gamers everywhere when it was revealed at E3 2014 due to its 1930’s cartoon style graphics. Well, the game is almost here and anyone on PC or Xbox One will be able to play the game.

It releases on September 29th later this week.


Total War: Warhammer 2

Players will soon be able to sink hundreds of hours into the next Total War game. This time, it features a grand campaign that spans the first and second games campaign maps. However, this will be arriving as a patch after the game is released this week. Either way, there’s lots to be excited about with this game.

Total War: Warhammer 2 will be releasing on September 28th for PC.



This action-adventure game was first announced at PAX 2015 and it captured the attention of quite a few gamers and critics. It’s coming from the developers that created the Torchlight games and introduces a brand new world which has been thrown into chaos. The game features a wordless narrative that evolves as the player explores and interacts with the world. It’s certainly an interesting title worth keeping an eye on.

This will be releasing tomorrow on the 26th for the PC and PlayStation 4.



As expected, the next FIFA game is launching this week. No surprises there but Switch owners should be thrilled to hear that the game is releasing for the Nintendo Switch. Each version of the game contains slightly different features so the Switch version doesn’t contain everything that the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions have. So it’s worth keeping this in mind when purchasing a copy of the game.

FIFA 18 is kicking off on September 29th for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch and also the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, the last generation consoles will only be getting a version with very minor upgrades to the last game.

What games will you be getting this week? Let us know!

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