5 Major Third-Party Games that are Still Coming for the Nintendo Switch This Year

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The Nintendo Switch certainly having a great year. There’s been a major release every month so far and the end of the year is about to get hectic and awful for owners. Mostly because it’s going to drain a rather large amount of money from all of our bank accounts. This is all very good for the Switch of course, it’s providing more gamers with a reason to pick up a Switch. Just in-case some gamers still weren’t convinced. Here are five of the best third-party games which are still coming to the Switch this year.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

While some people are displeased with Bethesda for re-releasing Skyrim, others are overjoyed. The ability to play Skyrim on the go is now possible with the Nintendo Switch. Or at least, it will be possible next month when the game releases.



The beautiful looking puzzle-adventure game is finally arriving for the Switch next month. While the game receivedĀ a solid 6 from reviewers, they all agreed that the game was visually stunning. So Rime is a little bit mixed overall but it still contains a nice amount of puzzles and adventuring. Just don’t expect anything new or particularly memorable from this one.



It’s there’s one FPS game to be excited about, it’s Doom. This will be the first major FPS title for the Nintendo Switch so Bethesda has the entire market to themselves for sometime now. Plus, the single player of Doom is incredible. Combined with an optional multiplayer download, players should be enjoying Doom for months to come.


L. A. Noire

The Switch is finally getting a detective game and not just any game either. It’s getting the highly rated L.A. Noire which is published by Rockstar Games which could mark the start of more Rockstar ports. We’ll have to wait and see but either way, this is a great addition to the Switch line-up.


Payday 2

Believe it or not but Payday 2 is supposed to be releasing this year. However, the developers have been pretty quiet lately. The game is scheduled for release Holiday 2017, unlike Rocket League which just has a Holiday release date. So Payday 2 will be releasing this year… or should be at least.

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