5 Nintendo Switch Games Coming in 2018

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While 2017 isn’t over yet, there’s lots more to come for Nintendo’s latest console. The Nintendo Switch is having an incredible first year and it looks like the console will have another strong year in 2018. Check out these upcoming titles for next year and be sure to add them to your purchase list if you own the console!


Announced during E3 this year, one of the most loved pink blobs is making a return to gaming. It’s a return to classic side-scrolling platforming and seems to be both single player or co-op with multiple other players. Making this a perfect Nintendo Switch title to pick up next year.



While the new Yoshi game will be a platformer, it won’t be a side-scroller. Instead, players will be running around 3D levels to beat each level and the bosses that appear in the game. It also looks to have a co-op option which is great for the Switch.


Metroid Prime 4

Now, we don’t know anything about this upcoming game. All we know is that Nintendo confirmed it would be coming in 2018 during E3 this year. There’s no news on how it will play, what it will look like or when it will release. Despite this, we’re still excited.


Project Octopath Traveler

A trailer for this upcoming game was released earlier this year and the response was incredibly positive. It certainly looks like it will be a great game. However, it won’t be released until 2018 and could see a name change before then.


Unnamed Pokemon RPG

Now, this is a more tentative addition to this list. We don’t know if this game will be releasing in 2018. During E3, Nintendo stated that it may be released in 2019 instead so we could be waiting quite a while for this one. Despite this, however, a new Pokemon game is always worth getting excited about.



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