5 Telltale Games We Want on the Nintendo Switch

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With the recent confirmation of 4 more ports from Telltale for the Nintendo Switch, this seems like a good time to look at the most requested Telltale games for the Nintendo Switch. There are no guarantees that the developer will actually port these games but we can certainly dream.

The Walking Dead series

Of course this list has The Walking Dead on it. When someone says Telltale, what game series do you think of? This one. It’s iconic to the Telltale brand so not porting this series would be detrimental to the developers image. We all know it’s going to happen, the big question is when and how.


The Wolf Among Us

This game was a serious fan favourite when it was released back in 2013/2014. It’s only natural that fans are starting to question the re-release of this game for the Nintendo Switch. Who wouldn’t love a portable version of this game on the console?


Tales from Monkey Island 

This game was an incredible hit when it was released back in 2009 so it could be worth Telltale’s while to port the game. It’s one of their older titles however so this may not happen but it’s certainly something worth thinking about.


CSI: Deadly Intent 

Hear us out. It’s an old game sure, but it did have relatively positive reviews and wouldn’t it be nice to have a detective game on the Switch? It’s doubtful that Telltale will ever return to making CSI games but they could decide to port the game to see if there’s any public interest in another CSI related game.


Game of Thrones / Tales from the Borderlands

Both these titles are very likely to recieve a port considering how ‘recently’ they were released. They’re also quite popular with Telltale fans so porting either of these games would be a smart choice for the developer. The question however, is whether or not Nintendo would want Game of Thrones on their console.


What Telltale games would you like to see on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know!


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