6 Burning Questions We Have About The PS5

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A Few Thoughts To Ponder About The Inevitable Playstation 5


While we continue to ponder what the next generation of gaming consoles will bring to the table, there are plenty of interesting questions in the back of our minds. The Playstation 5 has yet to be announced by Sony, but it seems likely we’ll begin to see new announcements or reveals within the next year. We can speculate the technical aspects of the new console all day, but what about other areas of the forthcoming Playstation 5?

What can we expect to see from a controller?

While the layout and overall design of the Playstation controller has largely stayed the same throughout the nearly 25 years of existence, the PS4 era was the first major change to the game pad. The symmetrical analog stick layout, healthy d-pad and iconic face buttons have made the Playstation controller a comfortable choice many gamers. That being said, the new and improved PS4 controller was a shining example of where to take the new design, so does it need to be updated so soon?

While we would be delighted to see the Dualshock 4 return with a few minor buffs to the formula on the PS5, we also completely trust Sony with any major decisions they might explore for a new game pad design.


The Playstation Dualshock controller has largely stayed the same over the years, with the biggest change coming into the PS4 era. Will we see more evolution with the PS5?


How different will the game cases be?

While an incredibly minor detail, physical collectors enjoy seeing their favorite games bookshelved neatly, and an alluring case makes the collection shine a bit brighter. Every Playstation generation saw different game case to clutter your entertainment space, but the current gen is the first time the “PS” logo donned a blue-tinted case with a matching blue banner on the spine. Sticking with the Blu-Ray case for the previous two generations, is it time we saw a new, perhaps smaller or thinner disc protector? No matter what, I’m sure it won’t dismiss any would-be purchases.


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Will there be a way to download my PS4 digital library to my PS5?

Since the digital era I, personally, have acquired quite the collection of digital gems. While sticking mostly to smaller, indie titles last gen – with the help of a large external hard drive – this gen I’ve opened up to purchasing much bigger, AAA titles on the digital market, as well. Add those with the loads of PS Plus freebies throughout the years and I’ve racked up quite the collection. While I fully intend on keeping my beloved PS4 after this gen is over, it would be nice to have the ability to dive into one of my “oldies” without the hassle of reconnecting an old system.


Many gamers in today’s online world acquire their games digitally from online marketplaces and would appreciate the effortless option of transferring those titles onto next-gen hardware.


There’s also the backwards compatibility argument, which brings us to our next question:

Can we expect backwards compatibility?

With Microsoft laying down and completely basking in the success of its backwards compatibility feature, the PS4 must rely on its streaming service, PS Now, in order to play older PS3 titles. While recently the game streaming app updated to allow users the option to download both PS2 and PS4 games available on its library, the massive amount of PS3 titles still require a strong internet for streaming to play. We’re sincerely hoping Sony can learn from Microsofts strong stance on returning to older gems from a previous generation and add some sort of backwards compatibility; whether it utilizes physical discs or re-download digital games bought during the past generations.

How big will the onboard hard drive be?

This is a big one. With games growing in size at an enormous rate, hard drives are losing free space more quickly than ever. And with recent news surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2’s incredibly large file size, it seems all-too plausible that next-gen games could be up to twice the size of current gen games. External and internal hard drives are godsends for gaming enthusiasts cramming up every ounce of free space available, so that should no doubt be an option next-gen, just as it is this gen. A 1 TB hard drive is practically standard in today’s gaming consoles, so hopefully we can expect something twice as large to keep up with the ever-increasing file size of currently releasing games.


With already a few options for PS Plus subscribers, none of which offer anything different other than the duration of the subscription itself. Is it possible we’ll see higher level tiers of the service which offer greater advantages?


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Will PS Plus subscriptions increase in price? Decrease?

With the mostly successful first generation to require paid service for online play in the Playstation universe, PS Plus has proven to most gamers it’s well worth the additional cost. With several, usually, top-notch titles for free every month and the use of multiplayer and party chat features at your disposal, paying for PS Plus may not seem ideal but it certainly seems less like a scam than in the beginning. With the new PS5 console there’s certainly a lot more they can add to the subscription, including options like PS Now inclusion, backwards compatible enhanced games similar to Xbox Live, or more cloud space available depending on your subscription. One thing almost seems certain, PS Plus doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

With so much to know, as well as an official announcement, Sony is doing an excellent job of keeping any would-be leaks from appearing. One question after another continues to line up for the next generation of Playstation consoles, so I suppose it’s best to ponder these intriguing questions while we anxiously wait.

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