6 Of The Most Stylish Graphics We’ve Seen This Gen

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Showing Off Their Colors


Realism in video games is a link that helps the player become absorbed into the expertly molded world around them. But video games aren’t always about realistic approaches to telling engaging and interactive media. As such, many impressively designed titles stand out due to the stylish nature of the visuals, fluid movements and sometimes even the banging soundtrack.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most memorable, most stylish games from this gen.


Persona 5


The stylish visuals in Persona 5 shines beautifully with the mature tones of the memorable JRPG.


Atlus’ Persona 5 practically scream style. It wades in its very own blend of sharp visuals consisting of overzealous designs and comicbook-esque presentation. The hammering soundtrack only adds to the poignant flavor of this Japanese RPG creating a new wave of style within the video game industry. The flashy outfits, outlandish monster/persona designs and new wave vision on Tokyo is something that fits superbly well with the entire aesthetics of the game itself. Persona 5 is one truly stylish masterpiece that deserves every ounce of attention that looks in its direction.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Breath of the Wild presents a breathtaking and lively world of Hyrule in Link’s latest adventure.


The Legend of Zelda has primarily allowed itself to dip outside of the realm of realism and bring forth a memorable painting of adventure, discovery and pure surrealism. The Breath of the Wild is no disembarkment from these very features, in fact, it just about nails every aspect buried within the meaning of style. The beautiful and lush landscape is only part of the ever-present style within Hyrule as Link himself portrays many different stylish armor pieces and fluid skills, both in combat and traversal. Style may not be the first thought when you think of a Zelda game, but Breath of the Wild brought a lot of new ingredients to the already charming and incredibly successful formula; and we’re thinking style is one of them.



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Sunset Overdrive


The colorful post-apocalyptic world in Sunset Overdrive creates a vivid experience through Sunset City.


This brightly lit piece of adventure took the dreary setting of a post-apocalyptic future and shotgunned it into a compelling and overly enthusiastic playground of mayhem. Lively colors and smooth visuals helped pull this feat off, and Insomniac hit the nail on the head when bringing this courageous world to life. Only the sheer amount of taste and excitement set forth by this dystopian world could help create a truly stylish piece of work, and back it up with plethora of chaotic and exhilarating activities. Sunset Overdrive saw daylight at the very start of the current gen, but the evocative art style draws us back time and time again.


Octopath Traveler


Octopath Traveler on the Switch beams with gorgeous visuals with an old-school presentation.


Pixellated graphics have been an icon in gaming since the very start, but how Square Enix portrays their modern take on the style is truly something special. Like taking the old 16-bit camera angle from the Final Fantasy games and cranking it down a good 45 degrees displays a surprisingly vivid presentation. What’s known as HD-2D by the developers, Octopath Traveler doesn’t just shine with the unique camera angle, but the detail within the lush background. Dusty sand sparkles while snowy fields glisten with every step, making an old-school approach come to life-like never before. Octopath Travaler may be less than a year old, but every bit of it shines with utmost style,




Cuphead is not only an incredibly challenging platfomer, but an inspiring visual representation of vintage cartoons mixed with modern gaming.


Like a cartoon straight out of the 1930s, Cuphead displays an awe-inspiring visual showcase of pure charismatic joy. The old-timey drawings and graphic design fits the bill perfectly for often chaotic platformer. While the enemy and character models are spot on representations of the exorbitant art style, the bosses shine as some of the most oddly unique and utterly stylish designs in gaming. Everything from the vintage theme to grainy overtones helping the game reach that classic feel, Cuphead sets itself apart from most other games in terms of style points.



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Gravity Rush 2


The electrifying visuals in Gravity Rush 2 help it stand out from all other games released this generation.


The Gravity Rush series is all about manipulating gravity and playing with it to your benefit. Like so many stylish games before it, Gravity Rush 2 is overflowing with creative design and lush colors bringing the world to life. But the vivid scenery isn’t the only style-pumping aspect of the game, as the premise alone creates a beautiful scape of art direction. Playing with gravity as you soar through the air pulls in even more style points as the neon lighting fills the screen with gorgeous hues and shimmer. Gravity Rush 2 is a perfect example of taking an already pristine art direction and adding a new tone of glimmer to the finished product.

Style in video games is nothing new, but more and more we see developers step outside of the realistic box and portray something remarkably stylish. While these are only 5 of our most memorable stylish video games this gen, there still plenty of others that sit tightly within our perception of unique style, but these selections took fashion to a whole new level.

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