6 Stellar Co-op Games From This Gen

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More Fun With Friends


Everything seems better with a friend – well, most things – and cooperation pulls at the heart-strings of teamwork, especially when set against unfavorable odds. Gaming has always been keen to the co-op experience, all the way from the split screen glory of days of yesteryear to the online MMOs of the modern era. Co-op is a perfect way to relieve yourself from the lonesome days of a single player adventure.

The current generation of consoles has been no stranger to epic and jolly cooperation. From sea navigating pirates to prison breakees on the run from the law, there has been some incredibly stellar cooperative experiences, thus far.

So, let’s take a look at 6 of the most memorable experiences we’ve had the chance to share with a friend from this generation.




Bloodborne practically begs for players to join in on co-op fun.


Grab your Old Hunters Bell and prepare for a devastatingly thrilling adventure through Yarnham. The iconic Souls’ inspired combat is on full force in the gothic nightmare as Bloodborne displays a perfect co-op experience for any true masochistic hunter. Tackling the dark and cryptic, plague-ridden town with a friend or two makes the experience much more exciting and achievable, but at the cost of tougher opponents. Nevertheless, utilizing the co-op feature in the eerie adventure creates some incredibly satisfying moments.


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Sea of Thieves


Navigating the seas has never been more of a team effort in Sea of Thieves.


Hoist the sails, pull the anchor and follow the seas towards the nearest pile of treasure as Rare’s Sea of Thieves creates a truly exotic co-op experience. Never have friend and comrades been required to work in tandem like in the pirate savvy adventure game to score as much loot, explore as many areas and sail as many seas as possible. Everything from navigating your vessel, searching for buried treasure and conquering the seas in the midst of cannon fire works remarkably more fluid when teamed up with friends. The mesmerizing naval physics, massive map to explore and memorable cooperation involved makes for one incredibly gratifying sea worthy adventure.




Snipperclips has players completing a variety of challenges utilizing the shapes from all players involved.


This clever puzzle game on the Switch not only shows off the intuitive design of the Joy Con control scheme, but provides a glowing example of how two or more players can complete casually fun challenges together. Puzzle games have harnessed cooperative fun before, but the shape-based challenges push players to work together in new and inventive ways. Twisting and turning each Joy Con to match specific shapes on the screen sounds like a simple feat, but snipping away at each other’s characters to make perfect match-ups becomes a rather addictive premise. Snipperclips set a high standard for Nintendo’s new hardware right out of the gates, and still sits as one of the best co-op games on the console.


Monster Hunter World


Tackling dangerous monsters in Monster Hunter World is an exciting and all-too addictive form of entertainment with friends.


Monster Hunter World is a game pushing players to keep pace with incredibly dangerous foes found throughout a handful of highly detailed open area settings. While the game is manageable as a solo endeavor, pairing up with at least one other monster hunter can make a difference equal to night and day. Monsters gain a health advantage and can become increasingly more difficult to put down or trap when multiple hunters are chasing them down, but the comradery between multiple hunters all pushing to tackle a massive beast is something so unique to the series. Players work together to keep one another alive, track specific monsters and, in some cases, carefully lure and capture a threatening monster species. Monster Hunter begs for cooperative teamwork and World is a shining example of how perfect it can be.


A Way Out


Two friends experience a riveting story of two prison escapees and embark on a crime-riddled journey to freedom.


Not only is EA Origins prison break adventure game co-op, but it’s mandatory co-op. A Way Out was built for two players, being shot mostly in split screen cinematic fashion. The game places players into the roles of two convicts carefully planning a break out of the stone walls, and the subsequent journey to freedom afterward. The ever-growing teamwork between the two budding friends is a perfect example of cooperating players helping one another time and time again. Not to mention the riveting storyline mixed with plenty of exciting scenes makes for a purely satisfying co-op journey.


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Cuphead may be an incredibly difficult platformer, but having two friends conquer each level together makes for a much more enjoyable experience.


The incredibly challenging, yet highly addictive vintage designed 2D platformer from 2017 not only invokes a powerful sense of tension through every run ‘n’ gun or boss fight, but allows an all-too friendly, but equally frustrating experience, as well. In Cuphead players fight off a wide arrange of colorful enemies and cleverly designed levels, and in two player co-op players have the ability to play off of each other’s failures. When on companion dies the other survivor has a quick window of opportunity to revive them in the heat of the action. While Cuphead is indeed a stellar single player platformer, the co-op feature is a welcome addition to the white-knuckle platformer game.

This has been an impressive generation for all things co-op, and these 6 titles are proof of stellar companion fun. While many of us enjoy the confines of single player story driven titles or competitive multiplayer, co-op is an excellent way to spend time with friends online; or perhaps make new ones.

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