A Look at the Nightmarish Indie Musical – Figment

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A new indie title from Bedtime Digital is taking players to new depths of a distraught mind. Traversing through clever and exaggerated levels, you’ll solve brilliant puzzles and fend off nightmarish monsters to discover the mysteries behind, Figment.

Running about as Dusty, a dry-witted half animal-half human creature, you’ll dive into different areas of the mind. Set to a catchy and wonderous musical-style score, Figment places music as a key role in its mechanics. Memorable tunes ring throughout the levels, guiding the Dusty across mystic lands and artistic hand-drawn level designs.

Followed by your parrot-like friend – Piper – Figment focuses on their relationship as a meeting ground of storied narration and hints for completing puzzles. Dry and humorous one-liners flow through the dialogue as you continue to progress through the levels. The gorgeous hand-drawn graphics set Figment apart from other puzzle/platformers, and the musical styled bosses are leaps away from traditionals brought on by classic titles.

The theme of Figment brings forth bizarre settings mixed with intricate puzzles and strategic melee action enemies. Each monsters provides different approaches and styles for clearing your path. As if the enemies weren’t creative enough, it’s the bosses where Figment is looking to separate itself from the rest of the indie world.

In classic musical fashion, Figment is full of imaginative and colorful bosses, ripe with witty and catchy lyrics, and slick dance moves to go along with them. Like something out of a fairytale or a gloomy nursery rhyme, the characters, songs and settings provide a unique experience not like any other title to date.

For an action puzzler mixed with casual hack ‘n’ slash combat, interesting characters and addictive musical numbers that will stick to your brain for the rest of the evening, Figment shaping up to be exactly that. Look for Figment to release on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and the Switch this September.

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