The Action Adventure Title ‘The Untold Legacy’ is Now Live on Kickstarter

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A world full based upon the player’s decision


As the gaming industry continues forward through its ever-expanding library, certain classic games are being countlessly recreated with developers own unique take on the genre. The Legend of Zelda is one such title, being consistently re-hashed or heavily influencing a large portion of indie, or even AAA titles today. The Untold Legacy, which is now live on Kickstarter, takes major notes from the Hyrulian hero saga, and brings its own twists to the beloved genre of adventure games.

Rich with story and full of adventure, The Untold Legacy takes place in the fantasy world of Loomia. The colorful world combines plenty of elements found in popular games today, with a strong focus on deep story telling. Explore the charming world of Loomia and uncover the journey that awaits our hero in The Untold Legacy.

As a young boy from a secluded village far away, you will discover mysterious messages, which in turn leads him on an adventure like nothing before. The village lay surrounded by a curse, forbidding any of the villagers from leaving the seclusion of their small town. Upon discovering the strange messages found around the village, the only child of the village begins to embark on a journey to save his home from the curse that haunts the town.

Through lush landscapes and vivid scenery, you’ll battle your way through an open world environment in search of hefty rewards, dangerous quests, fending off evil monsters and explore the lands of Loomia. The choice rests upon the player as to when and how to conquer the game, and all it has to offer.

Venture off and become the hero to save the village from the atrocious curse.
A vibrant world riddled with freedom

The vibrant world of Loomia is presented in a massive sandbox, open world environment. The developers at Iconic Games have been hard at work creating a beautiful hand-crafted world centered around exploration. Discovering countless secrets and hacking your way through the mysterious and dreadful monsters that roam the lands is set to bring all of the essence from the best free-roaming titles around.

Much like the Zelda’s of the gaming industry, the lands are riddled with plenty of wild places to explore and conquer, especially the likes of dungeons. While in other iterations of the action/adventure genre where dungeons are tackled in a specific order, in The Untold Legacy players are free to choose whichever dungeon to tackle first, in whichever order they please. True freedom to explore to the player’s content is a huge asset for this young indie game.

With limited guiding from the game itself, players are pushed to set out and explore like no game in its class before. Becoming lost, straying off the beaten path and finding new discoveries to add to the mysteries of Loomia are all a huge part of the experience. It’s up to the player to find quests, earn rewards and become a stronger, more prosperous adventurer throughout the game.

Mysterious messages appear throughout the village, read only by the towns sole child.
Grow into a true hero with the help of unique skills and abilities

Accompanied by your trusty shield companion – Shieldpa – you’ll find yourself less lonely on the roads during your quest. Acting as a sidekick to your journey, Shieldpa is loaded with unique abilities and skills to aid on your hero’s adventure. Once more, the companionship between the hero and talking Shield grows stronger throughout the story, Shieldpa shows off how useful and irreplaceable of a friend he truly is.

The story of The Untold Legacy will give birth to a true hero. The game will display natural growth, not only in the skills and abilities, but with physical appearance and voice. The more you explore and grow, the personality of your hero will to shift into however you choose to play the game. The more enemies and boss defeated, the stronger and tougher your character will become.

The choice of development rests at the hand of the player, choosing to complete more quests and slay more monsters will push you further into the personality of a macho grunt. While early one you may cower from beasts, as you develop your personality, your hero will soon show less fear, and more physical prowess. Everything from how much of the map is uncovered, to the amount of near-death experience encountered add up to your growth as a hero.

The open world of Loomia provides plenty of characters and tasks to complete, in any order of the player’s choosing.

The process of building your character and increasing their strength throughout your journey will also develop the player as well. Upon receiving strength the hero will gradually show physical growth and stronger attack animations. From start to finish players will feel as though their players have grown from a newbie adventurer, to a seasoned, strong hero.

A fluid combat system

With old school style hack ‘n’ slash combat, the player’s experience fluid controls and responsive abilities. Throughout the freedom of Loomia, you’ll not only roust about with expertly crafted combat manuevers, but traveling from point A to point B in a variety of different ways. Riding a mount, climbing, running, taking ferrys or even swinging are all viable methods of traversing the open world.

As you traverse the lands many items may be discovered which will assist our warrior further on their journey. Cooking has become increasingly common in todays sandbox RPG titles, and it has its own place in The Untold Legacy. Gathering ingredients dropped by enemies or found in the wild will bring about a long list of recipes to help the hero when in need. Various temporary stat boosts, different various effects, and even greater results found later in the game can all occur through the mixtures found while cooking.

All this focus on mechanics, freedom and an open world to explore, the story still sits as a main staple for the game. Taking a fruitful young hero and watching them grow before your eyes as you explore and experience new thrills. In Loomia, guided by the compelling story of The Untold Legacy and the exciting choice do as you please, when you please, players will find a memorable adventure.

The developers still have just under a month to raise the necessary pledge goal of $60k to complete the final steps of the development process. You can find their Kickstarter page here and all of the rewards received depending on your pledge total. Explore the page and learn more about the action/adventure title, The Untold Legacy.

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