Arcade Mountain Biking Title – Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Over Half Way to Kickstarter Goal

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Explore rugged, mountainous terrain on your beloved mountain bike

Mountain biking through rough terrain in a polygon world is now live on Kickstarter featured in the future title – Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Taking the stress of competition away from the thrilling sport, and the promise of providing a unique arcade experience, the game is now just over the halfway mark of the Kickstarter goal.

Megagon Industries: The team behind Lonely Mountains

In 2013, two independent game developers re-branded into a unique new indie game studio, Megagon Industries. With just two highly successful mobile games under their belt, Jan Bubenik and Daniel Helbig have become dedicated to creating new experiences through the video game medium.

Now, with two solid years working on Lonely Mountains, the duo are aiming to push the development process even further. With a set date announced for sometime in mid-2018 ( as long as the Kickstarter goal is met), the team is ready to kick into the next gear and bring Lonely Mountains: Downhill to life.

Alone with your bike…and the mountainous lands

No story. No pesky NPCs. Just you and your beloved bike. And the treacherous mountains and rugged terrain that lie ahead. Made as a unique arcade sports title, Downhill will have players peddling through all different variations of landscapes, flowing rivers and dense forests – behind the handlebars of a free-wheeling mountain bike. Ride through beautiful scenes from green mountain valleys, to hot desert canyons and form whichever path you choose.

Hit the trails and take whichever path you prefer in Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

Inspired by real-life professional mountain bikers, the developers behind Lonely Mountains wanted to bring a casual yet thrilling biking experience to gaming world. Full of gorgeous nature which surrounds you in every run, the game makes the mountains and the bike trails your opponent. No racers to worry about, or no course to stick to: just the mountains vs. biker.

The game takes away the racing barriers and pre-made courses guiding you to your goal. Instead, Downhill makes the player feel fresh and like there’s something new to explore every time. The game is designed to give players the thrill of feeling as if they were the first to ride through the mountain, whichever landscape you may be trekking. Making your own path and finding your way safely down is the exhilarating challenge that awaits.

An exciting arcade experience

Acting as another biking game, or trying to mimic other arcade sports of similar fashion was not part of the initial game plan, and the developers at Megagon Industries have stuck to this formula. With a simple approach to controlling the bike, the game is geared toward having an easy pick-up and play game style. With single button inputs for braking, accelerating, steering and sprinting, the game is sure to offer a casual, but exciting style of controls and thrills. Jumps are also a major part of the game, but have been incorporated in the game’s control scheme so that no additional button commands will be needed.

Take leisurely rides and enjoy the nature, or speedrun your way down the peak for the top time on the leaderboards.

The experience doesn’t end at simply trying to make your way down dangerous terrains and mountain landscapes, but also plenty of other challenges for quick racers and competitive players looking to set the fastest time. Perfect for a simple and enjoyable experience, or a quick challenge to keep your competitive spirit from fading.

A huge feature in Lonely Mountains is the ever-popular ‘rag-doll’ physics that occur after you wreck. The game promises to deliver plenty of amusing bike crashes in this tough-nosed arcade biking game. With a helpful and frequent checkpoint system taking place, racers quickly restart a fair distance from where they initially wrecked their mountain bike. Aside from traversing down the rocky mountain trails, many players may find themselves bailing on purpose from the sheer enjoyment of flinging your character through the rough terrain.

Free to choose your own path down the each mountain

As you make your way down the mountain passes, many different sections split off creating various routes and pathways to explore. The levels take the player through a handful of different scenes and locations to keep the game interesting. From snow-covered peaks and sandy canyon mountains, to autumn colored forests and high altitude mountain trails, Lonely Mountains will give the player plenty of diverse and exciting rides throughout the game.

Explore a variety of different scenic mountain peaks, from fresh green forests to red rock canyons.

Other than trying speedruns, players are also encouraged to simply coast and enjoy a leisurely ride through gorgeous scenic routes. The entire run of the levels are full of spectacular nature shots, animals buzzing and frolicking about, brimming with lively sounds and life-like movements in the winds. Veering off path may also lead to hidden secrets and areas to help give more depth to the arcade biker. The choice is completely up the player which opens up a wide range for future fans.

Unlockables and rewards throughout the game

Throughout the game you’ll be rewarded with new bikes to unlock, which all control differently from one-another. Each rider has a preferred riding style, and each mountain demands specific approaches for conquering the course. Every player will be able to choose a bike to their liking, as well as tons of skins for each bike which can be unlocked, or found in your adventures in the mountains.

The nature in Lonely Mountains brings the game to life, surrounding the player with wonderful sights and sounds.

Other unlockables throughout Lonely Mountains include brand-new game modes. Other than new mountains, bikes and skins, players will expand their gaming experience with a various new challenges to unlock. Time trials, special challenges or the adrenaline-fueled One-Life mode – which I assume means exactly what it sounds like – are all mentioned as extra content to unlock during the course of Lonely Mountains.

The Kickstarter Campaign

The development team has now hit over their halfway pledge total with just over 20 days left in the campaign. With tons of extra incentive for future fans and backers to make a pledge, from everything like a tree planted in your name in the game to a free copy of the game (or even dinner with the developers) upon release with your name in the credits, there are loads of other perks with every pledge goal total.

If you’re in search for a brand-new experience atop beautiful mountains while plummeting down trails on your fast-paced mountain bike, then check out Megagon Industries Kickstarter page for more details on Lonely Mountains: Downhill. A game that takes all of the glories of arcade style racing, and adds gorgeous visuals and an approach to freedom not found in other games in its class.


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