ARK: Survival Evolved Moving Out of Early Access, Full Release Date Revealed

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The open world dinosaur survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved, has been in early access for the better part of two years. Now with over 7 million players across three different platforms, the full release date is now right around the corner; and with it, comes a price hike.

Taming and riding prehistoric dinosaurs, roaming vast lands known as ARK, you’ll craft, harvest, hunt, build homes and more to survive and overthrow the world against hundreds of other online survivors. Make your run through the Jurassic lands in a solo campaign or join in the online mayhem of a massive online hunt.

With over 100 creatures to discover, you’re able to not only ride and hunt these prehistoric beasts, but tame and breed them as well. As you make your way through the campaign, the mysteries of why you were summoned to this obscure and dangerous island will unravel. Aside from hunting and taming dinosaurs, building settlements for your “dino tribe” herd, crafting and surviving, you’ll be gathering clues from Explorer’s Notebooks to guide you further and further into the truth behind the ARK.

For a true survival experience you’ll be tasked with harvesting plants found in the wild to start a garden of your own, hunting for meat and food, chopping down trees to build shelters and eventually expanding to estate size homes, all while existing in a living, breathing environment where everything affects the gameplay. Weather rolls in and staying sheltered from rain and snow is key for surviving the harsh environments, while sunny days should be taken full advantage of.

Hunger and thirst plays a huge role in the ARK venture, as running too far will exhaust your player and will need to replenish energy via food and water. Becoming thirsty, hungry and aware of your natural surroundings keeps the player on their toes, totally engrossing you in a true dinosaur survivor.

After a couple of years on the market in early access for PC, Xbox One and PS4, ARK: Survival Evolved will see its full launch on August 8th, 2017, with an increased price tag of $59.99 (compared to the early access price of $29.99 on PC). With one expansion already released and two more on the way for future dates, ARK will provided hundreds, literally hundreds of hours of gameplay in the dangerous Jurassic realm.

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