Atmospheric Horror Title – Scorn – Closing in on Kickstarter Goal

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A new horror title is nearing in on its target pledge goal on Kickstarter. Scorn – an atmospheric horror adventure – is looking to finish its first of two parts and bring a terrifying experience to the Steam store on PC.

Now passed the 21 day mark, upcoming horror title, Scorn, is closing in on its initial goal of almost $180k. Taking a first-person approach, this new Kickstarter title looks to bring in the a terrifying experience to players next year. Don’t fret, however, if the you pledged for the campaign and the developers reach their ultimate goal, fans and backers of the game will, at the very least, receive a demo for Scorn as soon as the developers finish a playable demonstration.

Scorn takes players through a nightmarish world full of surreal environments and themes. The focus of placing a grim fantasy world at the front of the title and getting a reaction from the player of total lost immersion sits as one of the teams highlighted goals behind Scorn. The environment and world around you is unsettling and looks to bring a ton of exciting features to the table.

A broad, nonlinear world awaits you in this startup game for Scorn. Various lifeforms may cross your path as you explore the breathing world full of questionable sights and sounds. By receiving skills, items and weapons throughout the game, the player will be pushed to think outside the box and adapt to what is presented around you.

Another interesting feature in Scorn is the ability to present creatures with a vast set of emotions. Every enemy acts accordingly to the player, giving the game a true life-like feel that many modern titles seem to be lacking. Whether a life form runs away, or towards you is entirely up to your actions in Scorn.

For two years now the developers focusing on Scorn have poured hours amongst hours of hard labor into their latest work in progress. With part one nearing $144k, They are only a mere $25k away from completing their target goal. Time is a factor, however, if the game does not reach its goal by October 10th 2017, the game will be taken off the list for future release. So if Scorn looks like something you’d be interested in, drop by the Kickstarter page and help this game see the light of day.

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