Bayonetta PC update is teasing a new release

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The PC version of the original Bayonetta game was released on PC earlier this month. It now looks as though the developers are teasing something else. As reported on the Steam forums, a 22kb update was just released for the game. It’s not the size of the update however that has fans excited, it’s what this small update contains.

According to those with Bayonetta installed, the update has added a new file to the Extras folder. It has added an avatar of Sam Gideon who is the main protagonist of Vanquish. There’s only one way fans have interpreted this little teaser.

PlatinumGames is clearly teasing a PC release for the previously console exclusive game. The sci-fi game was highly rated when it was first released and fans have been requesting a PC port since the game was released in 2010. It finally looks as though the developer is granting their wish.

The sudden release of Bayonetta on PC took gamers by surprise but it was a very welcome one. The release followed a April Fools PC game which led to a mysterious countdown. So far, Platinum Games has only released a small image of the protagonist. There’s been no sign of any other teasers from the developer.

While the developer hasn’t officially confirmed it, gamers can safely assume that Vanquish is coming to the PC in the near future. The release of Bayonetta on PC came under 2 weeks after the teaser was released.

Developer PlatinumGames was previously working on Scalebound for Microsoft which has been cancelled. It looks as though the developer has also been working on PC ports for some of their previous games. Fans are hopeful that Anarchy Reigns might also get a PC release however, there’s no official news just yet.

We will provide you with updates as we learn more about the situation.

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