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Making macaroons can be a little tricky for the inexperienced but luckily there are various Youtubers and recipe guides who can help you. These people have created a wide variety of recipes for all things geeky and wonderful. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best geeky macaroon recipes so you don’t need to search forever online. Check them out!

The first recipe comes from the infamous Rosanna Pansino channel. Today she’s showing us how to create My Neighbour Totoro themed macaroons.

This one certainly depends on your definition of “nerdy” but these Minion themed macaroons look pretty awesome! Creating these designs might be a little too tricky for some people, however, so you might want to try a different recipe first.



These Star Wars designs looks great on a macaroon! There’s no step by step video with this one, however. The ‘recipe’ for this just explains how to decorate the tops of the macaroons so you’ll need to find your own macaroon recipe first to make these. The designs come from Semi Sweet Designs.


A second recipe from Rosanna Pansino shows people how to create a Kirby theme and design.¬†Kirby looks amazing on a macaroon so you’ll definitely want to check out this recipe.


This one doesn’t really include a recipe but those who are experienced with Macaroons, it shouldn’t be a problem to create this. ¬†Unlike the other recipes on this list, the creator is using a cake as the base for the design. They’ve essentially created a game of Tetris on top of a cake and the design looks great as a result.

Raspberri Cupcakes are the creators of this unique recipe design.


What other cool and geeky macaroon recipes have you found? Let us know in the comments for our next article on geeky Macaroons!

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