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Plain boiled rice can be boring to eat day after day, but there’s a simple way make eating rice more entertaining. Use rice molds! It’s a great way to make rice into interesting shapes and can make any bento box more fun.

While it might sound a little complicated, using a rice mold is actually very easy. All you need to do is fill the mold with as much rice as possible. The shape is formed more easily with more rice so don’t be afraid to use too much rice, using too little will cause it to fall apart.


Creating a panda rice ball is rather simple with the help of a rice mold. They also come with a nori cutter to cut out the shapes to decorate the rice. This helps to make it look more like a panda however, the mold itself is great by itself.

Here’s one example of a panda mold.



Just like the panda one, using a mold makes creating a pikachu style rice ball easy. Fans of Pokemon are sure to love this mold plus it comes with some additional cutters to create some cool Pokemon-related shapes.

You can find a Pikachu mold to purchase here.



This one isn’t just a rice mold, it can be used to cut shapes out of other foods such as ham, salad and cheese. This makes it a great addition to any lineup of bento box creating accessories. It’s a very varied device and typically comes with a second bear mold which can also be used on a variety of foods.

Anyone interested in this device can find a version on Amazon here.


Onigiri rice ball

Onigiri is a Japanese classic, and it’s easy to make with a mold. Plus, you can stuff them with all sorts of food items to add some extra nutrition to them. This makes them perfect snacks and lunch items for bento boxes or for a casual lunch.

There’s a huge number of different molds for these available online. One such mold can be found on Amazon.


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