Bethesda News: The Elder Scrolls Legends and Wolfenstein

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Bethesda has just announced two pieces of news. Their card game The Elder Scrolls Legends is now available for mobile phones. In addition to this, there’s now a special Wolfenstein bundle available ahead of the launch of the new game. Seems like a great time to be a Bethesda fan.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

The digital card game is now available for free download on Android and iOS devices. According to the blog post, it features a “new streamlined interface designed to take advantage of smaller screen sizes”.

This version of the game is completely up to date and also features the Heroes of Skyrim expansion. The new expansion includes more than 150 new cards to collect with new mechanics and powerful abilities.

According to Bethesda all data between the PC and mobile versions of the game are transferable so players don’t need to worry about starting over again. This is good news for players who started their journeys on the PC version of the game.



In addition to The Elder Scrolls Legends, Bethesda has also revealed that a new bundle is coming. Wolfenstein: The Two Pack features both The New Order and it’s expansion, The Old Blood.

The bundle will be arriving on August 22nd and will cost $30. However, it will also give you $10 towards the new game, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It’s currently unknown how this money rebate will work and if it will stack with other deals around launch time. Either way, this is a great deal for those interested in the new game but have never played the previous two.

Sadly, this pack seems to only be available in America right now. Hopefully, Bethesda will expand this to other regions also in the near future.

Wolfenstein II: The New Order will release on October 27th this year.



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