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Big Pharma is a unique management game that combines puzzle elements to create a very different game. Players are put in control of a drug company and must rise through the ranks by creating new drugs to sell on the market. The aim of the game is to earn as much money as possible by selling different drugs and creating more potent combinations.

The management element of the game comes from caring for the company and building it up. However, management fans might be disappointed by Big Pharma. The Tycoon Management elements in the game are very limited and these restrictions do subtract from the gameplay experience. While the management side of the game is relatively weak, the puzzle elements more than make up for this.

Players control the drug production line and construct the different parts of it to ensure it runs smoothly. The puzzle elements come from needing to create a drug production line within a small space. Players have a limited area to build on and must carefully construct their lines to turn inwards on itself so that it fits perfectly within the provided space.

As the game progresses, players will need to create more potent drugs which earn more money per sale. Each drug has a different upgrade requirement that the player needs to complete in order to unlock the next level of the drug. Upgrading drugs like this will change their use so they target a different illness.

The puzzle elements in the game work brilliantly and the simple idea quickly becomes more complicated as the game progresses through the different missions. The tutorial for the game is quite long however and can be a little bit tedious at times. Thankfully, it’s possible to replay the tutorial as many times as needed. So players can fully understand the gameplay mechanics.

Big Pharma is a brilliant puzzle game which borrows heavily from the management genre. It’s a nice addition to the genre but management fans might find the game to be a little bit lacking.

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