What We’d Like To See In Borderlands 3

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A Few Ideas To Keep The Series Fresh


The gaming world hasn’t seen a new release in Gearbox Software’s stellar FPS-RPG franchise, Borderlands, in quite sometime. It’s been four years filled with plenty of new gaming trends since 2014’s Pre-Sequel launched as the third main installment in the successful series, and we’ve still yet to see a screenshot from the presumed title. With that said, Gearbox has, at the very least, confirmed that they are in fact working on the next Borderlands title, but what could we see from the action-packed first-person shooter RPG?

Here are a few features we’d like to see make their way into the next Borderlands title, assumed to be Borderlands 3.


Open World

While Borderlands hasn’t traditionally taken players through a massively sprawling open world, the various sections of the game’s world did provide an open world experience. However, the constant loading screens and seamed adventure often took players out of the immersion that so many true open world games tend to generate. With a few years of technological advancement under the belt of the gaming industry there should be no reason that the next Borderlands game would be segmented like the previous titles. Give players one big massive world full of a variety of biomes, devastating enemies, as well as plenty of indoor locations to keep the exploration as interesting as the originals.


Borderlands has always offered up 4-player co-op, but with the fourth main entry in the series Gearbox should increase the player count for more carnage. Pic: IGN


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Gun Customizing

Guns are a big part of the Borderlands experience with literally millions of unique combinations discovered throughout the game. While finding the many different variations of bullet spread, ammo types and rate of fire combinations, customizing your weapons yourself would be a welcome addition to the series. The Pre-Sequel offered players a unique opportunity to randomly craft new weapons at the cost of a few gun types in the player’s inventory, but there still hasn’t been a true customizing option for the more creative player. Throwing in the ability to put together a massive damage-dealing arsenal thanks to found scrap parts and old weaponry could add a great deal of depth to the overall mechanics, as well as help shake things up, in the next game of the series.

One thing we do know about the weapons coming to Borderlands 3 is the likely appearance of Flamethrowers. Flame on, my friend.


Bigger Selection Of Characters

So far, every Borderlands title – not including DLC – has offered a four character cast of playable characters. While added content later on helped ease the limited character selection, adding more main characters to the plot at launch could help diversify each playthrough with unique character ripe with game changing special abilities and personalities. The four character selection worked well for the first few titles in the series, but it’s time to shake things up and add more options to the mix. Most character selective RPGs today offer up to a dozen playable characters to the roster, so why not introduce the very same tactic in everyone’s favorite FPS-RPG? More options is always a good thing, and the move to a larger character selection could also add more variety to gameplay abilities, as well.


There’s typically an increase in the roster by means of DLC add-ons post-launch in Borderlands games, but why not include more characters at launch instead? Pic: Gametransfers


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Larger Co-op Parties

Going along with the above feature, increasing the player count in online co-op parties could create some devastatingly chaotic moments. Four player co-op has been a crutch for the Borderlands series, so maybe it’s time to take it up a notch, or four. Taking the four player standard and boosting it to six or eight players could greatly add to the mayhem that ensues alongside a flock of vault dwellers. Of course, keeping a steady flow between those who wish to tackle the game in single player fashion and those taking on the ever-so dangerous worlds with a full party is equally important, but an increased party size would be a perfect fit for a large, seamless open world FPS game.

While we still have nothing to go on for the imminent new Borderlands title, there’s no doubt we’ll see some new features implemented into the experience. Whether or not any of these features make the cut is beyond anyone’s guess as of this writing, they certainly would help keep things feeling a bit more fresh over a game filled with the same recycled content.

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