Classic SEGA Titles Releasing on Mobile Devices FREE with ‘SEGA Forever’ Collection

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The exemplary 16-bit console that hit homes everywhere in the late 80s/early 90s – the SEGA Genesis – has produced top-selling games and franchises that will last a lifetime. Thanks to the most recent endeavor for the mega company, the classic titles released from SEGA throughout every era are now available on all mobile devices in a stacked lineup of scheduled releases in a collection called, ‘SEGA Forever‘.

The new free-to-play, ad-friendly collection gives fans the flashback from a simpler era with classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone and plenty of other retro fixes, all with controller support, cloud saves and leaderboards. A ‘no-ad’ feature can be purchased for each game at a low price of $1.99.

With each console game from every SEGA era carefully ported over to operate appropriately throughout the upcoming months and years, SEGA Forever looks to recreate the original experience while on the go with your mobile device. Whether on the go with retro gaming in hand, or in the comfort of your own home with a Bluetooth controller connected for a console experience, SEGA Forever delivers nostalgic moments from over two decades of historic gaming.

Five games have been announced for the first batch of releases, starting players off on a strong note with memorable titles, including Phantasy Star II from SEGA’s list of highly entertaining RPGs, Sonic the Hedghog – a staple in helping build the SEGA name, Comix Zone – a comic book-themed beat ’em up classic, the addicting platformer Kid Chameleon and the arcade Greek mythological sidescroller, Altered Beast. Look for more games to release every two weeks, constantly updating the mobile game library with all of the classic releases to come out of the popular gaming company.

Out now on Google Play for Android devices, while all IPhone and IPad purchases through the App Store receive free iMessage sticker packs. Regardless, no purchase is necessary to enjoy games from an era of gaming that molded what we know and love about the industry today.

Keep updated with future releases for the SEGA Forever collection at the official website, and stay tuned with Raging Gazebo for any hot releases your mobile device may be in dire need of.

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