It Would Be Cool If Carrie Was Added to Dead by Daylight

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So far we’ve had a nice number of licensed movie characters in Dead by Daylight and the next one seems to be Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street. So far, all of the licensed characters have been men and while that’s great as it balances the game (since most recent original killers have been female), there’s one female killer who could be a great addition to the game. Carrie.

While Carrie isn’t inherently evil, she does kind of lose it towards the end of her story. As a result, she slaughters those who attended prom and destroys part of her town as well. It’s difficult to not feel some sympathy for this bullied girl, even if she is a supernatural killer.

If you’ve seen the movies or read the book then you know what ultimately happens to Carrie. However, this can be easily¬†fixed as The Entity is a powerful supernatural¬†being with strange abilities and an unknown will. The Entity may have claimed Carrie before the end of her story, thus bringing her over to the join the hunt for sacrifices.

This would also provide a good opportunity for another interesting location. The highschool from Carrie. It would be another indoor map and could include several rooms from the school. Plus we know that Carrie can lock doors with her powers so it makes sense that some of the school would be blocked off.

So adding Carrie to Dead by Daylight could make some semblance of sense. Probably more sense than some of the other killers even. Of course, her last movie was in 2013. So it might not be recent enough for the developers to be interested in her. Still, if they want to add a female licensed killer there are few great other choices currently available.

Who do you think the developers should add to Dead by Daylight next? Let us know!

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