Cooperative Dungeon Crawler, Barbaric, Led by Former Activison Blizzard Vice President Releasing Later this Year

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Ignited Artists – an all-star lineup of veteran developers led by former Vice President of Activision Blizzard and Executive Producer at SEGA – have announced their new dungeon-crawler, Barbaric. A fantasy roguelike co-op experience unfolds before your PC via Steam at the tail end of this year.

Limitless dungeon-crawling adventure awaits in the dark realm of Aldderas, a group of warriors gather together to rid the land of the demonic scourge infesting all around. Working as a dependent group of allies, you’ll rely on each other’s strength and abilities to explore the world of eternal night.

With eight elite warriors to choose from, all with their own unique skills and assets, you’ll join in a co op adventure through procedurally generated levels for an endless experience. Augmentation of each character’s powers releases new strengths helping create a more powerful team to slash your way through to survival.

The combat in Barbaric takes notes and pages from the fighting genre of the video game world. With a competitive feel to battle, customizable actions and moves along with the presence of friendly fire adds much more depth and strategy to ensure your taking out the correct targets. Once the end of mission has been reached, players can then backstab each other for the coveted Boss Token, which can then be exchanged for powerful loot.

Game Director Scott Foe compliments the game on its unique fighting style mixed with traditional dungeon-crawling gameplay. Creating a smooth transition from the borrowed features of classic fighting games, Barbaric is sure to feel fresh and a touch separated from other roguelike games. Equipped with beautiful graphics and unique gameplay mechanics, Barbaric delivers an immersive experience not found in the same ballpark on this side of the video game spectrum.

Enticing co-op fun for all dungeon-crawling fans hits Steam on PC with no set release date, but we can at least expect to see Barbaric launch in Q4 2017.

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