Crytek Adds Touch Support to ‘Robinson: The Journey’

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Robinson: The Journey first launched last year as a PSVR exclusive but was released on PC earlier this year. However, the game was missing official support for the HTC Vive and also motion controllers. As a result, the game was entirely controlled by a gamepad. Finally, Crytek has released and update to fix this.

Crytek has officially released an update on Steam that provides official support for the HTC Vive headset. In addition to this, the update also comes with full support for Vive and Oculus Touch motion controllers. The Steam update was released on Steam first while the Oculus Home update was released later in the day. This is great news for everyone with the game and anyone looking to grab a copy of the game.

The game was originally gamepad control exclusive, just like their last game The Climb. Eventually, Crytek released a major update for The Climb to bring Touch Support to the game. However, Robinson: The Journey was last on Steam with just gamepad controller support. Something which many claims ruined the immersion.

For those wondering why it took so long to release this update, there’s a very simple reason. Crytek shut down many of their branches and studios earlier this year. As a result, the company hasn’t been able to provide many¬†critical updates for their currently released VR titles. Most likely because the company is working on other projects and has very little time to support their previously released games.

Robinson: The Journey is rated as a “mixed” game on Steam and holds a 3.5/5 star rating on the Oculus Homepage so the response to the game has been quite mixed so far. This could also be why the developers have been slow to update the game.

Will you be grabbing a copy of this game now that it has Touch controller support?

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