Cultist Simulator Reaches Double Its Goal on Kickstarter

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We previously reported that the latest project from the founder of Failbetter games entered Kickstarter last month. Well, the game has been quietly advancing through its campaign. It’s now raised over double the initial asking amount and there are still 15 days left on the campaign.

For those who missed out last article, Cultist Simulator: Behold our End is a narrative driven card game. Players take the role of a cult leader who has very little, to begin with. As the game progresses, more is unlocked and eventually, you’ll be able to recruit Believers who can then be promoted. They will be promoted into Disciples who can serve the God(s) as burglars, researchers and more. The aim of the game is to win through three different potential outcomes: Enlightenment, Ascension or the Destruction of Earth. However, there are a variety of endings to discover in this game.

There are many dangers, however. The Authorities have a department to deal with “supernatural menaces” for example where Investigators will track you down. As a result, you need to be sneaky and must deal with the dangers and challenges as they appear.

A short demo version of Cultist Simulator is now available for everyone to download and play if you own a PC. There’s a download for Windows, Mac and Linux PC so everyone has a chance to test what this game has to offer. If you’re interested in playing the demo you can find it here.

Cultist Simulator has now reached double the asking amount for the project. It has collected over £68,000 when the initial asking amount was only £30,007. Most of the stretch goals for the project are minimalistic and very mysterious in nature as the developer hasn’t fully explained them. Hopefully he’ll release more details later down the line.

There are 15 days left on the campaign and Cultist Simulator has already reached their goal. We can expect to see more news on this game coming later this year from the developer.

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