December 6th Marks the Start of the Overwatch League Preseason

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The start of the first ever Overwatch League will begin this coming December when the preseason officially begins. With 12 teams in total spanning over 11 cities worldwide, the first season of Blizzard’s upcoming eSports league is closing in quickly.

As the Overwatch League prepares for its first season of play a bit later than was slated months prior, things are starting to get set into place. After locking up three more cities to compete in the eSports league last week, now a dozen teams have been formed to globally showcase their skills in Burbank, California at Blizzard’s eSports arena.

Now with one of online gaming’s hottest titles gearing up to cross off their first season of competitive action, eSports will be searching for its spot in mainstream sporting events. Blizzard – at the helm of popular eSports – is well prepared by shelling out millions of dollars for purchasing these 12 teams from all over the globe. In the states alone, multiple investors and owners hail from professional sporting backgrounds like the New England Patriots and the LA Rams of the NFL, and the New York Mets of the MLB and the Denver Nuggets of the NBA, just to name a few.

Aside from the US cities, other countries like the UK, China and South Korea will also take action in representing their respective countries. Though esports may seem like a childish gimmick to many spectators and fans from other sporting events, there has been major money and loads of time being spent on something thought of as anything but serious.

Starting on December 6th, the eSports preseason starter of the Overwatch League will begin to take off. With a list of teams from all over the world, as well as an intriguing and entertaining game to enjoy, Blizzard will happily close out the year with a new sporting tradition. Look for more eSports – as well as Overwatch League news once the official season closes in on a world eager to help eSports reach a new height of popularity.

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