How to Defeat the Hell Guards in Doom 2016

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The Hell Guards in Doom require some strategy and the second phase can feel a little overwhelming. However, it’s actually not as bad as it seems. Both stages use many of the same attacks so it’s easy to get into the routine of dodging them. Despite this, there’s no shame in needing a little bit of help to defeat this boss.

Phase 1

This is the single large Hell Guard stage. Dodging his attacks isn’t too difficult as he only charges, shoots balls of energy and tries to slam you. This isn’t really the tricky part, this comes from trying to get more ammo and armour.

There are very little drops around the area so you’ll need to stun him then shoot him to cause him to drop some health or armour. To do this, you must wait until he charges a ball of energy then shoot it with a rocket launcher. This will cause the energy ball to explode and will stun him. Then you can shoot freely at him to cause him to drop different items. The best weapon to attack him with is the Super Shotgun at close range, however, this can be risky as the Hell Guard can deal a high amount of damage with a melee attack.

When it reaches the halfway mark the Hell Guard will add some new attacks. Such as spinning flames around the arena while shielded so you can’t attack it.


Phase 2

After the Hell Guard has been ‘killed’ with a glory kill, two smaller Hell Guards will spawn. They will use the same attacks as the first one did however, one will use fire attacks while the other is electrical.

Use any remaining BFG shots to deal high damage while moving around the arena. To pick up more health, ammo and armour you’ll need to throw Siphone Grenades at them to stun them before attacking them. After the BFG, the rocket launcher and gauss cannon are good weapons to use also.

When the health bar is almost empty, one of the Hell Guards can be glory killed. After this point, killing the remaining Guard is much easier.


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