Destiny 2 Three of Coins Explained After Community Uproar

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The Destiny 2 Three of Coins purpose within the game had to be explained because gamers were so confused as to how it worked. While gamers knew the Three of Coins increased their chances of getting an Exotic engram, players did not know by how much. Now Bungie has clarified that the Three of Coins will increase a player’s chances by 50%.

The developer also clarified that Heroic Strikes do not work with the Three of Coins. The company hopes to release a fix for this sometime in early 2018. The forum post also promises that Bungie will address other issues with Destiny 2 in a post later this week.

Destiny 2 Community Controversies

The Destiny 2 Three of Coins kerfuffle is just one of a continuing series of controversies between Bungie and the Destiny 2 community.  Not only is the Three of Coins vague but also the inventory system is broken beyond belief according to many active Destiny 2 players. This comes after Destiny 2 made a heck of a splash in the gaming world. The graphics are gorgeous and detailed. The gameplay is spot on where it needs to be. Raiding is where it should be, and Destiny 2’s campaign was stellar, a big improvement over the original.

How did Bungie mess up so many tiny things in Destiny 2?

Endgame Woes and Destiny 2’s Inventory System

Everything seems to be going wrong as players become more familiar with the game. Problems with the game’s progression system have irked many. Also endgame content is not exactly rewarding daily gamers in quite the way they expect.

To top all of this, though, the inventory system is apparently a broken mess. Currently players can have 9 copies of each item in their inventory. What this translates to in the game is that the player can have 9 of each of the three types of weapon classes available plus nine helmets, gloves, ships, sparrows, and ghost shells.

You also have 50 mods which are shared between characters. Herein lies the problem. In Destiny 2, there are 39 different kinds of armor mods requiring 78 slots to hold them all because they will not stack on mods of different types.

In addition, Destiny 2’s version of the infamous loot box, Bright Engrams, take up space in the inventory. These give you modifications for your ship and there are over 40 of those available. The vault acts a player’s personal storage and has 200 slots available for the player to keep items. These 200 slots have to hold all of your mods for everything and it is shared among all of your three characters.

You can immediately see why this is an issue. Not only is the space too limited for an MMO, it’s too limited for any game that emphasizes so much loot variety and even monetizes said loot.

Pay for More Space? The Problem with Monetized Inventory Space

Of course, more cynical gamers would expect Bungie to release for-pay inventory expansions. Meanwhile, the rest of the community is just calling the developer out for poor choices in game design. Destiny 2 emphasizes having an adaptable character. Outfitting your character properly goes a long way towards meeting that goal. Limiting the player’s inventory limits the player’s ability to adapt with new equipment, some of which is better situated to certain situations than others. Anyone familiar with an MMORPG knows about this.

Switching classes requires new gear. Some gear is better suited for certain bosses, challenges, environments, or what have you. The ability to be flexible is the core of an MMO. You want dedicated players maximizing every aspect of the game. They help carry the community. You can’t do this by providing them with artificially limited options for storage in a game that emphasizes loot.

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